Uzo Aduba Feels Like a 'Princess' Post-Emmy Nomination

The "Orange Is The New Black" star reacts to the show's 12 Emmy nominations.
3:35 | 07/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Uzo Aduba Feels Like a 'Princess' Post-Emmy Nomination
Joining us on the phone after all the Andy Murray and excitement. Would be little ado -- nominated for guest actress in a comedy series also warned of the new black such -- -- Nominated for comedy series of really big morning absolutely can't wait to -- her I think fans and -- -- here are you with us. No not -- -- and how are you feeling you must be really -- -- did this morning. How my -- I I I am -- barely speak but I'm without -- that this. And it could be but it -- -- Vietnam -- I'm so those who -- and just thankful for not only myself but so many -- -- -- now and finish -- -- it felt he recognized -- my god. -- but the -- I feel like desperate for something. Now you are so fantastic you're actually one of my two favorite character the other is tasty. But you -- just absolutely fantastic. This surprise you the response of this show has gotten I mean it's all that anyone can talk about. You know what I don't think you could ever happen. Imagine the response to be anything like it had to stand but I know when we were working on it we get the fifth. It's about -- powerful woman who worried that Angie and her fellow writer but -- we're -- spelling -- Beautiful and the market but it felt so well developed then. Belt located not at all and I don't watch much how it happened here I thought my not to -- our incredible stuff I knew I loved under very thankful that. You know people are loving it but -- -- -- making it. So -- -- -- -- question -- you originally. Auditioned for a different role on the show. Yeah yeah. So can you imagine -- -- -- -- I yeah. But I think I don't but I'm both athletes and the art that I had -- before but not crazy just -- and what wasn't well did you audition for. I addition Ford -- dates with play brilliantly by that -- -- -- -- -- Our and that is about half and did like doctor you another Arctic I'm okay what -- just. Maybe guys don't like the name a lot of people didn't -- hadn't written that he didn't. Did -- ever been called crazy yes I have -- for many. Rigid -- of also fantastically and so brilliantly. Dick vick's role this nomination is -- -- comedy series do you think it only does the new black could have also played in the drama categories. You know the -- I'm I think anything -- possible but like you know I think about the best comedy that I. -- to go directly to the outbreak comedians like Richard Pryor I think that they're always want something rather poignant or are. Well grounded in it. Subject matter -- nature and similarly the backstop that I watch sports fanatic play it always has. -- -- -- through them so I think that's wonderful balance attended. Managed to occupy within the framework of our show -- it could get from the photos. -- until the line -- -- man. Well we are so excited for the -- ruined for you for wind and thank you for joining us really appreciate at a huge congratulations ACM. I think I should shortsighted. Stephanie -- -- -- -- them that our special that's my favorite show some very very excited and it's been recognized in Brooklyn of one --

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{"id":24503477,"title":"Uzo Aduba Feels Like a 'Princess' Post-Emmy Nomination","duration":"3:35","description":"The \"Orange Is The New Black\" star reacts to the show's 12 Emmy nominations.","url":"/GMA/video/uzo-aduba-interview-2014-feels-princess-post-emmy-24503477","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}