Be a Vet for Your Pet: How to Travel With Your Pets

Veterinarian Dr. Jerr Werber is back to show the best ways to travel with your pets.
2:24 | 01/12/17

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Transcript for Be a Vet for Your Pet: How to Travel With Your Pets
Oh, we are back now with our "Be a vet for your pet" series and veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber who say spokesperson for our sponsor Iams is here with some great pet travel tips. Welcome. Thanks. How are you. Doing great. I have a pooch and what are some safe ways to travel with your pet in the car. It's all about safety. Here, this is great. Kind of like a kid's booster seat. The dog snaps right here. This goes into the seat belt and they're comfortable. We don't want them running all over the car. This is the classic. The carrier, again, this goes right through, loops right through. This is Gracie right through the seat belt and keeps them secure. I think a lot of the times you put your dog -- They're all over you. No good. When you're traveling you got the basic, high quality pet food and toys, have their medical records, have a picture of them. Their vaccination. I never thought about that. See your vet before you travel. That's important and that's classic for any travel. Of course, if you're going to go by air. Travel by air. Then you need a carrier that will fit under the seat, that's important unless you have a service dog. That's hard to do but and, again, all about safety and so anything -- this is a hard type. This is soft. These are airline approved. Really, okay. The other alternative is what do you do I you leave the pet at home? If I'm leaving for a bit and the pet is at the home, what do you do. First of all get a pet sitter. You can -- family member not lucky enough to go on the trip with you and that happens. And this is great. This is -- called the whistle and it does a few things, in addition to the I.D. Tag and microchip which is essential identification but this -- this is great. Let me. This is moon. You see. This right here is the whistle and what it does it's an activity monitor and also will alert the gps as well but it alerts -- you can preset a perimeter and if the dog goes outside the perimeter you get an alert on your phone. Absolutely. So this is great and Gracie trying to say what am I doing in here? What am I doing in here. These are great tips. Thank you very much. We want to say thanks to our best friends animal society for bringing these pets. They're all up for adoption so you can take them home and got to thank Iams. Everyone in the audience is going home. Everyone in the audience. You're going home with a whistle gps tracker and also a five-month supply of pet food so

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"Veterinarian Dr. Jerr Werber is back to show the best ways to travel with your pets. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44724503","title":"Be a Vet for Your Pet: How to Travel With Your Pets","url":"/GMA/video/vet-pet-travel-pets-44724503"}