Vin Diesel on Playing Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

The action star talks about lending his voice to Groot and working with Bradley Cooper.
3:49 | 07/29/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vin Diesel on Playing Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
believe it for his latest film "Guardians of the galaxy." He plays a humanoid. No, you don't need to. He plays Groot who joins a band of marvel misfitting including a talking raccoon in order to save the world. Galaxy. The galaxy. I mean bigger than the world. Hey. Because that's how you roll. Whoa. Everybody, here's -- this guy as Groot, a man of few words. 12%. 12%? Ha, ha, ha, ha. That's a fake laugh. It's real. Totally fake. That is the most real authentic hysterical laugh of my entire life because that is not a plant. It's barely a concept. You're taking their side? I am Groot. So what is better then 11%. Thank you, Groot. Thank you. Yes. Yes. A tree of few words. Vin diesel is with us and talk to us a little about your character Groot. This is not your average superhero. He is not your average superhero. He is the strangest marvel character they've ever attempted to put on film. Why did you want to do this? Because it's -- I mean we'll explain. You have one line. I have one line. In some ways it was a huge challenge, I've been acting in these streets of New York since I was 7 and the idea of playing a role that is limited to only three words, three mono syllabic words was a challenge. The real reason I played the role was because when marvel gave me the book of conceptual art, I went home and showed it to my family and my 3-year-old son when I asked, who do you think marvel wants daddy to play? My 3-year-old son pointed to the tree. He did. Yeah. So you say one thing repeatedly. It means many things in the film. The line is, if you will. The line is "I am Groot." But the director would sort of tell you what it was supposed to mean given the scene. Can you explain how that worked. Well, I went into the adr booth and there was a 50-page document and on the left-hand side it would say I am Groot and on the right-hand side it would have the sentence or the paragraph of what you would have heard if you could understand the nuances of the speech. But because it was hard in larynx, all of the oblivious could hear, I am Groot. So given that we are going to play a little game with you where you are going to show us how this works. So, for example, if Groot was trying to say, hey, come here often how would he say that. I am Groot. And if he was going to say from famous line from "Iron giant." Whoo. "Iron giant." You are who you choose to be. How would he say that. Groot doesn't recite "Iron giant" lines that often. It's a guy. So is Groot really but -- How about this, you'll love this. Who loves you, baby? Oh, I love that. You know what she's doing. All of -- that know kojak know the tired old line and she's that hip to even talk about kojak. Because this guy -- you are bringing kojak back. Yeah! All right. But before kojak is back

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{"id":24755316,"title":"Vin Diesel on Playing Groot in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'","duration":"3:49","description":"The action star talks about lending his voice to Groot and working with Bradley Cooper. ","url":"/GMA/video/vin-diesel-interview-2014-actor-playing-groot-guardians-24755316","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}