The Wanted Set to Rock Central Park on 'GMA'

What songs will the band play at "GMA" Summer Concert Series.
2:28 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for The Wanted Set to Rock Central Park on 'GMA'
Friday, one of the hottest bands in the world is going to be at our party in the park in central park. And you can pick their playlist, by the way. The wanted will be here. How you choose songs they sing on friday, take a look how the wanted got so huge so fast. ♪ Tonight, we own the night ♪ Reporter: It's the slick moves. ♪ She walks like -- ♪ Reporter: And sultry voices. ♪ Continue we'll be playing with lightning ♪ Reporter: Tom, max, siva, jake, are the wanted. ♪ Glad you came ♪ Reporter: The u.K. Band rose to worldwide stardom in 2012, with their smash hit, "glad you came." Selling over 3 million copies in the u.S. Alone. ♪ I'm glad you came ♪ Reporter: The follow-up singles, "chasing the sun," "i found you." ♪ I found you ♪ Reporter: Both hit number one on billboard's hot dance club songs chart. Everything to be a successful boy band. They have catchy songs. They're a little edgier, a little more dangerous, in a way that thrills people. Reporter: The five-man supergroup are profiled in an e! Reality series, "the wanted life." And sat down with ryan seacrest to talk about their rise to fame. We did a radio talk. We got in the same clothes we left. When we came off the tour bus, the american view was totally different. Reporter: With the new album "word of mouth" out next month, and the latest single, "we own the night," owning the charts -- the wanted always leaves fans wanting more. I think everyone has expectations for this album. ♪ Tonight, we own the night ♪ I love that song. Isn't it great? Yeah. They have some great songs. You can help the wanted choose their playlist for our party in the park. If you go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Here are the choices. "Chasing the sun. "I found you." "All time low." Or all three of them. We could blow out the set list. Why can't they do that? Yeah. People should tune in. A lot of times they will do another. Our friday in the park. There's a lot coming up, by the way, still. The hot list, we may be working

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{"id":20010217,"title":"The Wanted Set to Rock Central Park on 'GMA'","duration":"2:28","description":"What songs will the band play at \"GMA\" Summer Concert Series.","url":"/GMA/video/wanted-live-gma-2013-boy-band-set-rock-20010217","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}