War Veteran Serves Up Inspiration at US Open

Hero ball boy scores points with the world's best tennis players and their fans.
2:26 | 09/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for War Veteran Serves Up Inspiration at US Open
Thank you. Now to the young war hero serving up inspiration at the u.S. Open. He's made it all the way to the show court, scoring points with the tennis players and their fans. We are at the billie jean king court in new york. Reporter: He has one of the best views in this place, but it's the way he sees the challenges that brought him here that's really incredible. Anglo anderson never thought he'd be here on the court of the u.S. Open running alongside some of the biggest tennis champions in the world. In fact, the navy corp. Man once worried he may never run again. At the time I didn't really see myself being athletic again. Reporter: Three years ago, laying on the ground in afghanistan, bleeding from two gunshot wounds. The entry wound was here and exited here. Reporter: The other bullet shattered his femur. It's not the scar he focuses on, but the date tattooed next to it. The tattoo is my alive date. Reporter: Symbolizing not the day he almost lost his life, but the day he began fighting for it. Undergoing several surgeries and six months of rehab learning to walk again. When he was asked to try out or a ball person at the u.S. Open, he knew it paid off. A once in a lifetime opportunity -- a chance to inspire. Military-wise, people who may be disabled or anything like that, please take what I'm doing as something that you can also do as well. Your injury isn't the end of the world. Reporter: His world opened up by the nightmare day on the battle field. You think it was a blessing in disguise? Yes. I can't say it's a burden or the worst thing ever. Look at the opportunities I've gotten that came from it. Reporter: And anderson, who is still on active duty, says before this, he had no interest in tennis. Never watched, never played. But now he says he's hooked and hoping to score some lessons while he's here. Dan and bianna. Great story. I love that. His alive date. He's earned those lessons. Thank you very much. He's great, a real role model.

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{"id":20129691,"title":"War Veteran Serves Up Inspiration at US Open","duration":"2:26","description":"Hero ball boy scores points with the world's best tennis players and their fans.","url":"/GMA/video/war-veteran-serves-inspiration-us-open-20129691","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}