Warning Over Internet-Based Baby Monitors

New reports find security flaws may leave some systems vulnerable to hackers. 

2:25 | 09/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Warning Over Internet-Based Baby Monitors
"Gma" on the lookout and this morning a warning about internet connected baby monitors. A new report finds some of the top brands have major security flaws. Leaving the door wide open to potential hackers. ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with all those details. Mara, good morning. Reporter: Well, Lara, good morning. That report tested some of the most popular brands on the market and found none of them provided enough safety. Essentially inviting hackers into your home and some of your most private data. Baby monitors, live streeping videos of children straight to their parents' smartphones and tablets but now a new study warning that mom and dad might not be the only ones watching. Tech security firm rapid 7 putting nine different internet connected baby monitors to the test giving almost all of the devising a failing grade. One "D" and eight "f"s. Accessing personal information from your wi-fi network or even potentially giving hackers realtime control of the device. I heard a voice and it was screaming at my daughter, screaming wake up, baby. Wake up, baby. Reporter: The shrecks say it came from hackers using an internet back door to take control of the camera in their 10-month-old daughter's bedroom. A manufacturer's representative tells ABC everyone needs aff. Ev your sme. Colgate optic white toothpaste goes beyond surface stains to whiten over 3 shades. In fact, it whitens more leading express whitening strip. It's your smile bff. Whit more St by bring. Or ginger's. You can borrow the baby too. Only 10 months. Bring him over.

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\n\tNew reports find security flaws may leave some systems vulnerable to hackers. 

\n","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33502093","title":"Warning Over Internet-Based Baby Monitors","url":"/GMA/video/warning-internet-based-baby-monitors-33502093"}