14 Dead, 176 Possibly Missing in Washington Mudslide

Rescuers race against time in dangerous conditions in hopes of finding survivors.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 14 Dead, 176 Possibly Missing in Washington Mudslide
We turn now to that deadly mudslide in Washington state. 14 people are confirmed dead while over 100 more remain unaccounted for. Rescuers are now racing against time and in very dangerous conditions 5 they hope to find survivors in the debris. Neal Karlinsky is there this morning. Good morning to you, Neal. Reporter: The Numbers are worriso worrisome. 176 names are listed as missing. Officials do not expect that number to hold, but it does show exactly how confusing the situation is. They really don't have any idea how many people were caught up in this catastrophe. For the first time we're hearing the dramatic 911 calls. There's a mudslide and everything is gone. The houses are gone. Reporter: The terror of the minutes right after the slide plowed through 30 homes and cars driving by. There's people yelling for help. My heart is shattered into a million pieces. I just want them to bring my daughter home. Reporter: 14 are now confirmed dead but authorities still don't know just how many people are missing in this deadly debris. Overnight the estimate jumped to 176 people unaccounted for but officials say that number may include duply indications and it's expected to drop dramatically. At this hour, search teams are braving quicksand-like mud. 15 feet deep at times using aircraft, sonar and avoiding a part of this hillside they've been warned to stay clear of because it is still on the move and unstable. It's very tough to even search those buildings. They've been collapsed and compressed with all of that material that's come down. Reporter: There have been dramatic rescues including this 4-year-old boy. The area is supposed to be closed off. But a few relentless residents have snuck in anyway including the Kuntz family who lost their aunt. She was found still trapped in her home. For so many in the small town near the slide it's the long list of the possibly missing and the unknown that's taking its toll. We're going to find her. Reporter: But next door an unexpected gift. Oh, my god. Reporter: Buddy, the family dog, is carried out alive. Poor baby. Probably needs a direct of water. Reporter: Today rescue crews will have yet another obstacle to deal with. The weather. It is expected to start raining out here making an already treacherous and unstable hillside that much worse. Josh and robin. Staggering to consider when you see those images. So true. Now to the video released

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{"id":23048747,"title":"14 Dead, 176 Possibly Missing in Washington Mudslide","duration":"3:00","description":"Rescuers race against time in dangerous conditions in hopes of finding survivors.","url":"/GMA/video/washington-mudslide-14-dead-176-possibly-missing-rescuers-23048747","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}