Ways to Keep Your Home Pet-Proofed

Veterinary toxicologist Dr. Camille DeClementi talks about ways to ensure safety of your pets in your home.
2:11 | 03/06/16

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Transcript for Ways to Keep Your Home Pet-Proofed
Test Text1 plain It's always a good morning when I get to hold a kitten. Which is -- this is copper. He's up for adoption at the aspca. We all know about child proofing your home. How about keeping it safe for pets? Here to talk more about it this morning is Dr. Camille declementi. One of the main danger Sers leaving out over-the-counter drugs. What are the most dangerous for animals to eat? There are lots of poisonous things they can get into. Any medication you take. Over the counter or prescription. You should be cautious about those. This year, 2015, the most calls about ibuprofen and ase acetominophen. What about foods? Chocolate. Chocolate? It's a big one. They'll eat so much. They can have a racing heart. Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure. Onions and garlic for cats are dangerous. Onions and garlic? I have three around the house. That's good to know. If you're in a situation you suspect that your animal has ingested something dangerous. Sorry, copper. You're not enjoying this. If you're in a situation where you think they may have injesed something dangerous, what do you do? There's no set way to deal with a poise nipg, because they're all different depending on what they got into. I would suggest calling your veterinarian. Our the aspca poison control center. And we have a mobile app that people can download. Great. Thank you very much. Copper and your dog is -- This is Logan. They're both available for adopgs. Aspca around the country. Animals, dogs, cats, bunny, other animals available all time. Save a life for free. Improve your own in the process.

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{"id":37439664,"title":"Ways to Keep Your Home Pet-Proofed","duration":"2:11","description":"Veterinary toxicologist Dr. Camille DeClementi talks about ways to ensure safety of your pets in your home.","url":"/GMA/video/ways-home-pet-proofed-37439664","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}