Slain Weapons Instructor's Family Comforts Girl Who Shot Him

Charlie Vacca's children reached out to the young girl who accidentally shot their father.
2:21 | 09/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Slain Weapons Instructor's Family Comforts Girl Who Shot Him
Turn now to the gun instructor accidently killed trying to each a 9-year-old to shoot an Yu uzi. The four children of the victim are speaking out with a special message. It is heartfelt, compassionate and forgiving. Not necessarily the letter you'd expect the victim's children to write so soon to the person responsible for taking the life of their father. We're his kids, we wrote to the little girl. We don't know your name, but we are connected by the tragedy. Reporter: The children of Charles Vacca, teaching this girl to shoot an uzi. When the machine gun's recoil caused the 9-year-old to lose control, Vacca was shot in the head by a stray bullet. He later died from the injuries, something his children fear may be haunting the young girl. You're only 9 years old. We think about you. We are worried about you. We pray for you. And we wish you peace. Our dad would want the same thing. Reporter: The law firm hired by Vacca's family provided this video of the children Reading the letter to the girl who has not been named. This is about extending out, reaching out to someone who was hurt by this and saying that it's okay. Reporter: The focus of the letter, forgive said. Our dad would want you to know that you should move forward with your life. You should not let this define you. You should love yourself. Some day we hope we can meet you, hug you, and tell you that it's okay. Reporter: Vacca's sons and daughters also wishing to share more about the army reserve staff sergeant and family man behind the gun instructor. They want the public to know who Charlie was. And the kind of person he was. Our dad wasn't just an instructor, he was funny, strong, a protector. A hero, and our friend. Reporter: Prosecutors say they will not file charges against the 9-year-old. The four children say they know that what happened was simply a tragedy accident. But isn't it remarkable, these kids working out their own pain, we to want meet you, hug you and tell you it's okay. Such big hearts. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Charlie Vacca's children reached out to the young girl who accidentally shot their father.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25453731","title":"Slain Weapons Instructor's Family Comforts Girl Who Shot Him","url":"/GMA/video/weapons-instructors-family-comforts-girl-shot-25453731"}