Couple Creates Movie Posters for Wedding Invites

Joshua and Rachel Watson took a unique approach to their wedding invitations.
1:13 | 07/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Couple Creates Movie Posters for Wedding Invites
I'm -- -- why didn't Watson and video producer Rachel -- Mere idea of I think. It's not they're planning a wedding they decide to use their personal accounts up like little twist to -- mom. So they got the help of photographer friend Jordan. Nakamura -- remade -- film and TV posters in each starring themselves in the lead -- but clever word play in the titles such as. Reception instead of in section right -- Casablanca McCain California -- the -- movie poster was remade as walk the -- Okay. Nation was turned into an engagement and look how beautiful those pictures are that's often -- -- -- -- they admit they're so lifelike that if you Google. The movies sometimes these pictures come I mean really out like they've they've they've gotten confused. They put him on CD covers and then sent them out as invitations everybody and first -- -- You know who how many wedding invitations when your twenties and -- you get a lot of you know and I did the -- -- green writing I love that people are doing -- I really individual I yours was so it takes -- -- I mean you know we had like animals coming out -- top it was like a sea rescue thing did you hear me out everything and aquarium -- Manhattan -- I'm not adopting a deliberate way what you are older Jindal likes and everybody -- emails that help you can make.

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{"id":19804111,"title":"Couple Creates Movie Posters for Wedding Invites","duration":"1:13","description":"Joshua and Rachel Watson took a unique approach to their wedding invitations.","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-invitations-couple-recreates-famous-movie-posters-invites-19804111","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}