Wedding Photographer Goes Missing Looking for Bike

Eric Langlois went missing a day after taking a bad spill on his mountain bike.
2:10 | 06/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wedding Photographer Goes Missing Looking for Bike
Too fat.O, thanks. To the puzzling disappearance of one of connecticut's most popular wedding photographers. Last seen by his pregnant wife when she dropped him off to search for his lost mountain bike. She's now leading a frantic search to find him. Paula faris has the story. Reporter: If you need a wedding photographer in concern connecticut, chances are eric langlois is probably your first call. The 33-year-old is known for his edgy and forward shooting but now the man responsible for creating so many matrimonial memories is missing and a desperate search is under way. We have a very close-knit friends in the wedding and photography community. It was overwhelming, the amount of people that immediately showed up, brought flashlights, brought water. Whatever they could do to help find eric. Reporter: One week ago langlois took a bad spill on his mountain bike at lover's leap state park in new milford. His helmet was cracked, so i know that the right side of his head was where he took a big hit. Either on a rock or on a tree. He didn't remember. Reporter: The next day his wife amber who is pregnant with their third child dropped him off near the scene of the accident so he could retrieve his bicycle. Looking back, he did seem a little unusual. My sister noted that his pupils were dilated. He seemed a little off balance. Reporter: Just a few hours later a woman hiking by a lake heard a man cry for help and called 911. We're not sure if he ever found his bike. We're not sure if he was trying to pull his bike up and fell in. We don't know how he ended up in the water. Reporter: From that moment on there's been no sign of langlois and after nearly a week of searching his family and his wedding colleagues are holding on to hope that the man who helped to make so many special days for so many couples will have a happy ending of his own. morning even though officials have called off coordid search and rescue efforts, by the way, eric and amber's third child, george, due christmas day. Okay, paula, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:10","description":"Eric Langlois went missing a day after taking a bad spill on his mountain bike.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19418830","title":"Wedding Photographer Goes Missing Looking for Bike","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-photographer-eric-langlois-missing-bike-ride-19418830"}