Robots Can Live Stream Your Wedding Day

New advances in robotics helps wedding guests tune in from around the world.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for Robots Can Live Stream Your Wedding Day
wore on the red carpet last night. Now we're going switch gears. Ironically. To the latest evidence that robots could be taking over the planet. A story that caught our eye in "The New York times." It's about the newest guests in the wedding party. They're helping brides and grooms say, I do. There are the robots last night. If you thought romance and robots existed only in the movies -- that's right. More and more couples are including robots at their weddings. To do everything from officiate to bear the rings and allow guests that couldn't make it to feel like they're there. Sam and Mali aerks rented robots to connect their family in new Zealand to their wedding in California. We wanted to be able to connect the people in California with the people in New Zealand. Reporter: Outfitted with cameras, the robot can stream abroad. They can order a drink at the bar. They went up there and said, I'll take a wd-40. Reporter: All the wile, their nices are on the screen. I was afraid someone would crash the robot into one of the guests or drive it into the pool and break it. I was worried about it. It turned out great. Go. Reporter: Robot innovators say this is a way for you to be in two places at once. It's an extension of the person. It's a video conferencing system. There's a video of them. They're able to see who is at that event and the people at the event are able to see them. Reporter: Robot whrentals can cost between $300 and $1500 a day. And here's one right here. What do you know. He or she is carrying some rings. And we knew that jiginger you may be in the market for a ring bearer. Are you available June 7th? Do they respond? Don't you want cute little girls and boys there? Yes, you still have a job, buddy. Coming up, the bargain beauty secret that will have you

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New advances in robotics helps wedding guests tune in from around the world. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22200527","title":"Robots Can Live Stream Your Wedding Day","url":"/GMA/video/wedding-robots-live-stream-big-day-22200527"}