Personal Trainer Fakes Weight Loss for Before-After Pics

Andrew Dixon shows how angles and lighting play a role in those too good to be true photos.
2:34 | 07/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Personal Trainer Fakes Weight Loss for Before-After Pics
The personal trainer busting the myth on some of those dramatic weight loss transformation photos. He says you can easily fake those pics. And bianna, you will show us how it's done. Reporter: Say it ain't so. We've seen the before and after photos that shows someone dropping lots of weight. You won't believe how one trainer was able to go from fat to fit, thanks to tricks by good angles and lighting. Check it out. Too often, they look too good to be true. Before and after photos, enticing internet and magazine readers worldwide to join weight loss programs. This photo attracted internet attention. Transforming his 205-pound body with no diet, no exercise and no medication. The secret, mostly lighting. I shaved my beard. Shaved my chest. Got the lighting optimal. Reporter: His transformation tricks are to prove a point. Andrew dixon has been a personal trainer for 11 years. Recently transplanted to california. Alarmed how heavyweight consumers can be fooled by fake photos hurting legitimate businesses. Big companies like weight watchers offer support groups that help people stick to their long-term goals. Those are mostly reputable. But there are a lot of shady adsout there. Reporter:36-year-old dixon demonstrated how he can fool the eye. First, slouching for a before, big-belly photo in average lighting. Then, shaving his chest and smearing it with coconut oil. Shining is important for the after-shot. Reporter: Highlights six-pack abs. Same body, different impression. If you look at an after picture and the person is younger, tanner, not slouching, if they're leading with their llies in the before picture, those photos aren't telling the whole story. Weight loss success comes down to diet, exercise and sustainability. And you need a long-term plan. People need to be aware that this is a possibility when they're looking at those after-shots. So, buyer beware. Going back to the adage if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. We were talking about how you can manipulate a photo by your facial expression. Especially, the before -- we're looking at the after-shot there, with sam. The lighting, just right. And oil, shaving, and possibility. It's called takeaway.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"Andrew Dixon shows how angles and lighting play a role in those too good to be true photos.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19768949","title":"Personal Trainer Fakes Weight Loss for Before-After Pics","url":"/GMA/video/weight-loss-photos-faked-trainer-andrew-dixon-19768949"}