Weinstein accusers speak out about sexual misconduct scandal

Katherine Kendall and Louisette Geiss, joined by her attorney Gloria Allred, speak out on "GMA" about their encounters with the movie producer and what they would like to see happen to Weinstein.
8:00 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for Weinstein accusers speak out about sexual misconduct scandal
We move on for more on Harvey Weinstein. Still last week still ahood titan then that "The New York Times" article last Thursday detailing decades of sexual harassment allegations by interns, employees and actresses including Ashley Judd and rose Mcgowan. Weinstein apologized but also threatened to sue "The times." By Sunday night he was fired by the company he co-founded. Tuesday, a flood of new accusers stepped forward including Gwyneth paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Some accused him of sexual assault. We are joined now by two of Weinstein's accusers, Katherine Kendall and louisette Geiss, also louisette's lawyer Gloria Allred. Katherine, let me begin with you. This happened at the beginning of your contrary. Tell us what happened. Yeah, I was 23 years old and I had a meeting with miramax and met with Harvey, he was very warm, he made me feel like he would be a mentor to me. He gave me scripts, said welcome to the miramax family, come to screenings, you know, come to auditions and he just made it feel like it was going to be a fun process and that he was sort of taking me under his wing. It was in his office so it felt very legitimate and he invited me to a screening which I went to and it ended up being just a movie with -- Just you and him. Just me and Harvey and I sort of had that sinking feeling the whole time through the movie like this is so -- this isn't -- something is really wrong and, you know, very uncomfortable. You made it through the movie then what happened? I tried to sort of skirt away and say, I've got to go home now. He said let's have a drink. I said no. He said, you know, a lot of bargaining with him. There is a lot of just do this, just do that. I've got to run up to my apartment, it's right here. I'll wait downstair, I say. He says, come up, come up. There is a back and forth there for about five minutes. I finally go upstairs and I relaxed a little bit. I see pictures of his wife on the wall. I think, okay, this is -- I'm in a safe place. He knows that I know he's a family man and I -- we talk about our politics, books we love, movies we love, I feel like I'm having an intelligent conversation with him and he's taking me seriously. When does it turn? It turned when I'm about to leave and we're wrapping up and goes to the bathroom and comes back in nothing but a robe. At which point he asks me for a massage. I say, no, I'm not comfortable. He tells me lots of people do it. He name dropped some models that he said did it all the time. And made me feel sort of like silly like I was making a big deal out of nothing and then he went to the bathroom and came back and this time he was fully naked. Fully naked. And he was -- fully naked. And he's a very large man, so I mean it was sort of a terrifying experience and very disorienting, like what -- I mean, how is this happening? Who does this? And he's blocking the door, you know, I can't -- How did you get out? It became sort of a cat and mouse chase and I mean I was terrified. I had a ton of adrenaline going through my body. And it was a negotiation. It was a wrestle. You know, it was -- it wasn't a physical wrestle but it was an emotional wrestle and I felt like it was just time just went on and on and I couldn't get through. Thank goodness you did finally get out and louisette, I want to hear your story. You went in 2008, 15 years later for a business meeting but the story eerily similar. It's quite amazing how similar they are. What happened to you? I met Harvey first at the Cannes film festival and sundance film festival where I was pitching a script and when I saw him there he had invited me to his latest premiere. I attended and after he asked me, hey, I want to hear your script and why don't you pitch me your ideas so we decided to meet at the restaurant where we both were staying. And shortly after the restaurant was closing so I didn't even have time to pitch so he said, well, why don't we go up to my office and at film festivals as you probably know, hotel rooms are turned into offices and so you know, I felt hesitant because I heard and been in the business for awhile, had heard some things about him, but nothing solidified, of course, and so I said, well, I saw a security camera right by me and I said, you know, I'll go up and take this meeting with you if you promise not to touch me and he laughed it off and shook my hand and said, of course, not and so we went and we had a great meeting and like the other woman said, you know, very intelligent conversation, so I was enjoying myself and then he stepped away to go to the bathroom and when he showed back up he was just in a robe and as I've mentioned buck naked and it was pretty shocking and I was taken aback obviously. You know, you knew enough at the time to make -- try to extract a promise from him. It seemed like an open secret at the time. You told some of your friends and I think your sister at the time, as well. Why not go to the authorities and do you understand how this remained an open secret for so long in Hollywood? Absolutely, I mean, there's nothing that I would have liked more than to have come out and said something, but it was very clear to me and stated to me that if I say anything, I'll have a slew of lawyers on my back and no one is going to believe me over the media mogul, Harvey Weinstein and I mean as evidenced by these huge actresses, Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth paltrow, I mean, if they're not speaking up, who was I? I was no one at the time and I knew very well that they would not believe me over him and as the adage goes of you won't ever work in this town again, I mean, that was pretty much known to me and which is why I ended up getting out of the business because I realized either I have to put up with this kind of behavior on a daily basis or I get out and I chose, you know, to be treated like a human. So, Gloria, what happens now? I mean more women coming forward. Any action to be taken against Harvey Weinstein? Yes, George, and I'm so proud of louisette and all the other accusers have come forward, took a great deal of courage, but right now we have offered publicly to Harvey Weinstein and his attorneys that there be access to justice, both for him and for all the alleged victims. So what we propose instead of having a war is to have an arbitration which is a private trial. We could agree on a retired judge and let's let the alleged victims come in, present their evidence against Mr. Weinstein, Mr. Weinstein can present his defenses, if the judge finds in favor of the alleged victims the judge can order damages according to proof at trial. If the judge finds in favor of Harvey Weinstein, he can announce that to the public. So all will have their day in court. We think that's fair and we think it's time for the persons who allege that they are victims to have their day in court as well and I think that's an important process and looking forward to hearing from Mr. Weinstein's attorneys. I'm certainly hearing from more victims, persons who allege they are victims as well. Thank you all for your time

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{"duration":"8:00","description":"Katherine Kendall and Louisette Geiss, joined by her attorney Gloria Allred, speak out on \"GMA\" about their encounters with the movie producer and what they would like to see happen to Weinstein.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50409480","title":"Weinstein accusers speak out about sexual misconduct scandal","url":"/GMA/video/weinstein-accusers-speak-sexual-misconduct-scandal-50409480"}