White House Tours Victim of Washington Budget Cuts

Reena Ninan reports on the group of Iowa 6th graders who were denied a tour.
2:03 | 03/16/13

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Transcript for White House Tours Victim of Washington Budget Cuts
Now to the iowa sixth graders who begged the white house not to let budget cuts lead to the cancellation of their tour to the executive mansion. The pleas did not get them in but they're in the nation's capital seeing other sites instead and abc's reena ninan caught up with them. Reporter: In a matter of hours these kids -- All: The white house is our house. Please let us visit. Reporter: Can't use their ticks to visit the white house. A top lesson. We're upset but there's nothing we can do. Reporter: The tour canceled the result of automatic spending cuts brought on by the sequester. I mean I get that. He has to get that done before he can let everybody in. Reporter: As one door closed in washington, the opposing party opened another. The capitol is open for business. Reporter: John boehner to the rescue. His office granting them a special access vip tour of the speaker's balcony. One of the best views in washington. Wow. Reporter: And house chamber on friday. I thought it was movie theater. Reporter: Six months of raising money and this is likely the closest these 11-year-olds and 12-year-olds from waverly, iowa, will get to the white house. They persisted creating a facebook page. All: It's up to you, america. Reporter: In an interview with abc news, the president said, don't blame him. This was not a decision that went up to the white house. Reporter: The secret service saying they can cut $74,000 a week by canceling the tours. Now we're all here. All right, let's go. Reporter: Instead the students took a path rarely traveled by politicians these days, the high road. They've been kind. They've been respectful. Reporter: Lessons leaders in washington might consider taking from a few iowa sixth graders. For "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, washington. Ah, that gives me optimism about our future. What a smart move by boehner. Come on in. Tactical. I think those kids will be back at the white house eventually. We have a wonderful story this morning about a sled dog

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{"id":18744740,"title":"White House Tours Victim of Washington Budget Cuts","duration":"2:03","description":"Reena Ninan reports on the group of Iowa 6th graders who were denied a tour.","url":"/GMA/video/white-house-tours-victim-washington-budget-cuts-18744740","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}