Winter X Games in Aspen: Training For Extreme Sports

Ginger Zee previews the upcoming winter sporting event.
3:58 | 01/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter X Games in Aspen: Training For Extreme Sports
ginger zee knows two things very well, extreme weather and extreme sports. Naturally, we had to send her out to the winter x games in aspen, colorado. Ginger and I recently went mountain climbing. You'll hear about that story in coming weeks. We want to see how well she does coming down a mountain. Ginger, you were talking about snowboarding when we were skiing. And now, look at you. I know. And I've skied my whole life. I thought, snowboarding, got to try it. Got to get on that side of the whole sport. Why not come to the best place in the world to learn, the x games and get lessons from a pro? Whether he's tearing it up at the x-games -- frontside double. Or dancing with the stars. There is one word that has described louie vito, competitor. We see the results. But what goes on behind the scenes to keep this 24-year-old olympian at the top of his game? Four in a row for louie vito. This is history here, folks. Reporter: And could he teach me to do that? Before we get to what could be a disaster, we learn a whole lot more about the ohio native, who is a crowd pleaser, as much for his humble manner away from the spotlight. You're doing a good job. Reporter: As his dazzling skills on the board. The walls you see behind me, but those are 22 feet tall. Reporter: Is there ever a point that you have fear? That's part of the sport. Part of the adrenaline rush. You overcome that fear and land the trick you're trying to do. That keeps a lot of us going every year. Reporter: So, what is it that makes him able to compete at such a high level? Well, louie gave me the exclusive look at the red bull action hub, featuring a lounge, and a chef with equipment to keep the athletes humming. And they have a blast of pure oxygen. I didn't come to aspen to have this snowboarding king teach me how to workout. Under the bright lights. With the competition raging behind us. Try to go like this. And then, just slide it out a little bit. Reporter: This lifetime skier was about to take on the board. There you go. Come this way a little bit. Reporter: And our lesson was -- a moderate success. That was good, though. Reporter: And I quickly gained mad respect for what louie does. But at least for my first winter x games, this may be more my speed. Then again, louie seems happy. Doing really well. Reporter: Thank you. Boom. That's the stuff. You can see louie compete on espn at 9:00 p.M. Tomorrow night. Those are the finals. A whole lot more going on. About the story I told you why i didn't get to get on the superpipe because it looks tame for things I do. Someone we know, with the initials, rachel smith, tried it. Check out this video from earlier this week. She came out to the x games. Rachel, that's you? He's doing well. And -- look at this. You were grooving there for a while. And they said, no more -- no more reporters on the superpipe. Why? You were doing well. For quite a while. My first and only run. Yeah. You'll see the guy at the end who tackled her. They actually give safety awards out for the crew of the day. By the way, rachel, he got it for saving you. Pretty sure. Probably from a hospital bed. Very ladylike. Thank you, ginger and rachel. We appreciate it. You can watch the x games at 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific on abc.

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{"id":18322674,"title":"Winter X Games in Aspen: Training For Extreme Sports","duration":"3:58","description":"Ginger Zee previews the upcoming winter sporting event.","url":"/GMA/video/winter-games-aspen-training-extreme-sports-18322674","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}