2 Winter Storms Target Millions

Storms bring snow, sleet and freezing rain to Texas, New Mexico and Colorado as many more Americans brace for big storms.
2:22 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for 2 Winter Storms Target Millions
winter wallop. Two storms targeting millions right now. A possible nor'easter dumping snow and freezing rain beginning tonight and ginger is tracking it all from Detroit. Good morning, ginger. Hey, good morning to you, Amy. Yes, it is mostly rain right now. Will be strong storms but let me take you to the radar because this thing that's already in Florida, Georgia and Alabama will move up the coast. It will eventually meet that cold air and that's why overnight we have winter weather advisories from North Carolina to Maine. A wintry mess of snow and rain spinning across the nation. In west Texas, snow, crippling from El Paso to Amarillo. Time-lapse video showing snow ago laying 13 inches in less than 10 hours. That was in Amarillo where they haven't had that much snow in two years. In New Mexico cars stranded on highways. This is horrible. Reporter: And in Colorado a 67-year-old dying after he and his snowplow plunged into this freezing lake. It's very upsetting needless to say. Targets's out at 3:00. Reporter: Flooding forcing a heart-stopping water rescue. A 39-year-old woman stranded in this washed out road. A tree limb her only lifeline. We're pretty confident we can execute a hoist and extract her. Reporter: In the dark of night a rescue helicopter swarming in. The first responder dangling below. Directly over the target. Reporter: Hoisting her to safety. Out of the water. Reporter: More flooding outside Houston. It was probably six, seven, eight inches. Reporter: The storm now moving east threatening millions from the deep south to new England this weekend. And this is only storm number one. We will eventually get to the other but let me take you through the timing. We have the storm moving through the mid-atlantic into the overnight hours. The snow is the beginning of it right along the I-95 corridor. Watch that. All strong storms. Then as it gets to New York City overnight snow and transitions to a rain/snow mix. Some sleet, Boston picks up on a lot of snow so gave you the timing. Out of here by late Saturday night. You want to see the snow totals from number one storm, just northwest of Boston, 6 to 10 inches. New York to the west is where you'll see the most in that heavy white area. That's where you'll see the higher elevations picking up some. Don't worry, I have that other storm coming at you soon. Thanks. We're staying inside tomorrow.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Storms bring snow, sleet and freezing rain to Texas, New Mexico and Colorado as many more Americans brace for big storms.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"28426154","title":"2 Winter Storms Target Millions","url":"/GMA/video/winter-storms-target-millions-28426154"}