Wisconsin Police Officer Kills Unarmed Man, Sparking Protests

Madison police say the officer involved was responding to a complaint when 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot.
2:52 | 03/08/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Wisconsin Police Officer Kills Unarmed Man, Sparking Protests
in Madison, Wisconsin, after another deadly police shooting of an unarmed young black man by a white officer. A police shooting that some say proves the president's point that more work needs to be done. ABC's Linzie Janis is in Madison, with the very latest for us this morning. Linzie. Reporter: Good morning, Paula. This is where the struggle went down in an unstairs apartment in the building behind me. Neighbors tell us it's where Tony Robinson's two friends live and would often come and go. This morning they say they cannot understand why he had to die. It's time for the police to stop. Reporter: Overnight tensions running high in the neighborhood where 19-year-old Tony Terrell Robinson was shot and killed by police Friday night. No weapon. Absolutely no weapon. Reporter: Neighbors gathering in front of the home where he died. Parents feeling angry and scared. I worry about my kids even walking down the street. Reporter: Robinson's friends too. Us being teenagers and, you know, african-american teenagers, can happen to us. Reporter: Earlier in the day police chief Mike Koval identifying 45-year-old Matt Kenny as the officer who shot Robinson and acknowledging that the teen was unarmed. I want to be very transparent. He was unarmed. Reporter: Robinson's mother in shock. My son has never been a violent person, never. And to die in such a violent, violent way, it baffles me. Reporter: Court records obtained by ABC news reveal Robinson and a group of friends pleaded guilty to charges of being a party to an armed robbery in April 2014 and Robinson was under supervision when police responded to a complaint about him on Friday evening. Outside yelling and jumping in front of cars apparently Tony hit one of his friends. Kenny, the first officer at the scene can be heard in these police radio transmissions. 1125 upstairs apartment. Before forcing his way in. Shots fired, shots fired. Reporter: Police say officer Kenny opened fire after being attacked by Robinson. He's a decorated officer. Not only for an officer involved shooting that occurred in 2007 but he also received a 2005. Reporter: A former coast guardsman giving Robinson cpr. Tony Robinson's family is urging people to demonstrate, but peacefully. You can see police officers behind me, they've been here 24 hours securing this scene, but they' they're not in charge thanks to a law passed in Wisconsin just last year all officer-involved shootings must be investigated by a third party. The state's division for criminal investigation now tasked with finding out the facts in this case. Dan? This is going to be a closely watched investigation for sure.

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{"duration":"2:52","description":"Madison police say the officer involved was responding to a complaint when 19-year-old Tony Robinson was shot.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29479280","title":"Wisconsin Police Officer Kills Unarmed Man, Sparking Protests","url":"/GMA/video/wisconsin-police-officer-kills-unarmed-teen-sparks-protest-29479280"}