'My Five Wives': A Different Look at Modern Polygamy

Brady Williams, a former fundamentalist Mormon, and his wives star in new reality series.
3:00 | 03/14/14

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Transcript for 'My Five Wives': A Different Look at Modern Polygamy
6 AM it's a normal start to the day in the Williams household husband Brady gives his wife -- -- kiss on the cheek. A few -- over a quick huddle with wife Rhonda. And smooch for robbing. Another Rosemary. And finally -- plate number five no money. And welcome inside the world Brady Williams. A polygamous unlike any have ever met. I'm really consider myself -- -- there is no way. The five women sitting here are equal to the one man -- this. Certainly. -- he has been patriarch call -- the man is in charge but I like to think that we've evolved and are still evolving. What you thought you knew about polygamy big again this -- is so out there there even shunned by regular ligaments. The Williams is used to be fundamental was not -- but not anymore instead can go -- -- every now are pro gay marriage they have an occasional drink them with approval -- the the parents even teach their kids that it's okay not to follow in their -- marriage footsteps from the outside and I still are scratching my head. They call themselves progressive polygamous its -- and in their news TLC show my five Y. They've pulled off the -- -- one of the most secretive groups in America revealing an ordinary family I had five wives for the -- 29 years old. We're so they would have you believe it's not that complicated -- out. This is normal times -- It's bigger house. Do William Stanley joins the growing list of ligaments in flying time from being loved his sister -- But this family takes the reality TV cameras -- not have ever gone before the polygamy bedroom. -- beautiful city. All Americas handsets so are we. We're just like everybody else right and no -- definitely keep me going on between -- -- -- is this man and his wife. -- Well a man and his five wives is here five bedrooms plus there 24 kids. Can you name all of her children so have -- -- Then Hanna then Josh. -- -- -- -- And then -- goes. -- -- -- No minutes from where. -- how was this family of thirty there are two homes next to each other Rosemary -- in robbins' home and then over here. Rhonda and Downey. Each wife and her kids how -- around space. Every evening the family -- dinner together though they're never seemed to be enough -- help and their monthly grocery bill. 4000 dollars. Two afforded -- some of the -- work can breed runs a construction company. -- man came the mainstream Mormon Church banned polygamy more than a century ago. But the Williams live in rural Utah in a community where all their neighbors are fundamentalist mormons who believe polygamy is the way to get to have. Not that long ago the Williams's believe that to the women were all raised in this small town. In fact there'll cousins talked to be good obedient sister wives -- -- be a good girl I have never going to leave. Brady was even a bishop in the church but ultimately decided it wasn't for them when we don't put any religion. If polygamy is not necessarily. The means to get -- for your family. Why polygamy we -- -- years and here's hoping -- happy -- he'd love each other I cannot say that I never considered leaving insists that it. It would devastate the entire. With. They do want to soon do. Is move out of this community. The leadership in the community has made it clear that's. Because of the decisions that we made. If -- better. We have an outsider enormous sense. They also don't act like the other polygamous on TV. I had a silly question aren't about putting the lifestyle they asked me if we -- slept in the same bad. That's just ridiculous. I mean that's got to be a big bad. What happens in these bedrooms doesn't necessarily stay in the bedrooms -- you've wondered so here's how it works. Every night Brady rotates between -- each wife gets to sleep with him every fifth night. And when he's not fair. I -- each way to fight OK that's his hat gradient and a little. Dream team and we need something kids can pass from -- fifth when the clock strikes new Brady heads to the next White House and you happily. Socks and every house. Yeah we too -- those. Alleviate problems. But -- problems can be very real the biggest one of all the in habitable jealousy that comes with five women sharing one man. -- just the memorandum and the US Rollins for her extra night for her birthday. Tonight. Many whom we -- really got back. You know he's. Having relations with other -- Don't -- do you think about I hate to who. I don't want -- -- and it hurts me find her hair black -- don't want to put myself keep that these are sacred relationship between. Life. -- I don't honestly and Trudy. -- when -- -- my mind there if you guys are tired he eats and sleeps in the book. Yeah. Like living in a strange to reward women can't help but compare themselves to each -- I've always felt like. I had Barbie and sleeping beauty for sister wives and calling -- -- -- -- just. The Chevy one. Incredibly mean come -- don't ask anyone over. -- -- I don't. Paying -- twenty because. Have you do you -- you know that. -- haven't stopped chasing around the room. -- -- -- -- -- Don good. They're never seems to be enough of the man to go around I'd -- -- percent of the good man then zero. Don't even bother trying to find the right label for them polygamy as feminist fundamentalist mormons think I. His five -- -- would you marry again I don't know them. I mean not just saying that it. I have enough then yeah. For Nightline I'm Cecilia Vega -- you talk.

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{"id":22913726,"title":"'My Five Wives': A Different Look at Modern Polygamy","duration":"3:00","description":"Brady Williams, a former fundamentalist Mormon, and his wives star in new reality series.","url":"/GMA/video/wives-modern-polygamy-22913726","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}