Woman at Center of Missing Stepson Scandal Speaks Out

Terri Horman opens up about the disappearance of her then-7-year-old stepson, Kyron Horman.
3:59 | 01/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman at Center of Missing Stepson Scandal Speaks Out
Well now to a story that first captured the nation's attention five years ago, the disappearance of 7-year-old kyron Horman. His stepmom is speaking out for the first time and ABC news is teaming up with "People" magazine to bring the exclusive story from this issue of "People." It's been over five years since it made national headlines and the woman at the center of the case speaks out for the very first time to "People" magazine. 7-year-old kyron Horman goes missing in June of 2010 after his stepmom says she dropped him off at the school science fair. No one realizes he's missing until the end of the school day. He had not been at school that day. And had been unaccounted for for six hours and nobody called me and that's when the panic set in. Reporter: His shocking Diggs appearance baffled investigators and in the end kyron was never found. If I could do anything differently I'd have kept him home that day. That is something you go back again and again, what if. Reporter: She didn't just lose her stepson she lost her life as she knew it. She failed several polygraph tests about the disappearance about kyron. Her marriage ended and as part of divorce proceedings her husband accused her of hiring a hit man to kill him which she denies and fled the state of Oregon to get away from harassment while never office officially charged, the suspicions around her continues to this day. I never harmed my son. I never wanted to harm my husband. And there's just so much information that is not being told to the public. And joining me now "People" magazine righter Elaine aradillas who got the exclusive interview with Terri Horman. Part of that suspicion that still surrounds Terri is notably because she failed those two lie director tests. Did you discuss that and the impact it had on her. She did. At the beginning she was cooperating, she went and took her lie detector test and they told her that she failed it. She went back again a second time and she didn't feel like it was being administered properly. She had not slept in days. She wasn't eating and she said that she wasn't going to take it. And then Terri ultimately went into seclusion. Why is she stepping back into the spotlight now? Why is she talking now? I think she has been trying to restart her life over and over again. But they sort of keep tracking her down and exposing her and she wants to clear the suspicion around her. She wants to talk and so she's chosen now to sort of tell her side. In the past I mean we've heard from so many people in in case throughout the years notably kyron's biological mother and they've accused Terri of hating kyron of not being a stepmom leading up to that fateful day. What was your sense about their relationship? You've been speaking to her for several years now. I have and she has always been very loving when talking about him. She talks about his favorite color. She talks about what he wants to be when he grows up and so I've never gotten the sense that she hated him. What does she think happened that day? She was the last person to see him alive. She says she wasn't. She says that there's someone else and that she thinks that he was taken from school. Doster Rihanna have any contact now with her daughter who is now 7 years old or her ex-husband? She has not spoken with her daughter or her ex-husband now and there are no plans to but she is being reintegrated with a relationship with her daughter. All right, well, it is certainly a fascinating story. Elaine aradillas, thanks for joining us. You can go to people.com for more exclusive video with Terri Horman and on Friday Terri will tell her story in a "People" magazine and ABC news exclusive.

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{"duration":"3:59","description":"Terri Horman opens up about the disappearance of her then-7-year-old stepson, Kyron Horman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36395708","title":"Woman at Center of Missing Stepson Scandal Speaks Out","url":"/GMA/video/woman-center-missing-stepson-scandal-speaks-36395708"}