Woman describes how she survived being stranded in the Grand Canyon

Amber Vanhecke tells "GMA" the survival skills she used while being trapped alone in an Arizona desert for five days.
3:33 | 03/23/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman describes how she survived being stranded in the Grand Canyon
Now what that incredible survival story a woman stranded in the Arizona together for five days. Making it out alive and now she shared her story exclusively with the ABC news been living Janet is here with the beat of the morning of the. Good morning Michael you've heard of the movie 127. Hours of well this was 119. Hours of terror. For this young woman after her car ran out of gas in the desert with no GPS and no cell service. Authorities say she survived because she did everything right. A college students stranded in the Grand Canyon for five. Trapped in a desperate fight for survival most panic in and crime consolidated. I was and that's amber van heck was sightseeing. When she says her Google Maps app center down a road that didn't exist. Her car ran out of gas in the middle of the Canyon's rough terrain. Un able to get cell service she made a series of videos saying goodbye to her family just in case she didn't return. News. Determined not to give up she began to make health science out of rocks. As one day turned to the next she finally glimpsed a sign of life and gave chase. To no avail distribute its own entrance but that didn't seem in their review. And Duncan. Finally on the fourth day she decided to hike eleven miles to try to find a cell signal. Leaving a note in her car explaining that she was walking east I felt. Very disconnected from just everything and everyone and house lake. As there ain't gonna search out at some point but question crossed my mind apparently others in this communication somewhere and no one was looking for me at all. She finally managed to get a signal and reached 911 but she was can hot off. While trying to explain where she was in despair she began the long hike back to the car. The call worked after 100 in nineteen excruciating. Hours. A helicopter rescue crew was able to find her spotting her car and that help sign. Hughes a survivor she did a lot of things that helped her survive. So that those notes are clues and those whose who led us to where she was. They found amber waving frantically a few miles from the vehicle she was treated for exposure and dehydration. And a day later back to sightseeing showing off her sunburn in a Flagstaff observatory. Five days ago I photos gonna in the desert. And non government trying to go to class and can be normal. Amber had food and water in her car and you rationed it over the five days. The highlight of her rescue she says the ENT a helicopter in T flirted with her and said. I'd be happy to get lost fifty they were very impressed her survival skills. If she talked about she on the W bathhouse and the fumes when if anyone was looking for her. But big she wasn't reported missing so no knew she was missing she posted her itinerary and FaceBook she's going on this trip alone. But apparently her friends and family thought well we haven't heard from my sister probably has been sell signal since they won't worry her mom gonna six cents analysts let's concerns but. And she emerged after this this excruciating experience and knowing you shouldn't go with the she took an honor room to get out there and get help. She gets a very impressive when you think you.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Amber Vanhecke tells \"GMA\" the survival skills she used while being trapped alone in an Arizona desert for five days.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46320607","title":"Woman describes how she survived being stranded in the Grand Canyon","url":"/GMA/video/woman-describes-survived-stranded-grand-canyon-46320607"}