Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery for Perfect 'Selfie'

While some use apps to improve their appearance in "selfies," one woman took it a step farther, getting plastic surgery.
2:40 | 04/22/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery for Perfect 'Selfie'
We're going to look, now, at America's selfie obsession. People are snapping them everywhere. I just got e-mailed by my daughter. We're going to get to ABC's Cecilia Vega. She reports on how some are going so far to make themselves perfect in those pictures. Reporter: Like millions of people, this woman loves taking selfies. But she doesn't always love the results. I'm feeling like I look a little pale in these pictures. Reporter: To get the perfect picture, she uses an iPhone app. The filter I like to use is natural. And it's a really subtle difference. And it kind of smooths out your face. Reporter: The art of the selfie has created a whole industry of smartphone apps to help you look your best. The perfect 360 app lets you airbrush your selfie and become an instant cover girl. Think you look too fat? Try skinnee pix. Full skin or blemishes, face tune can clear that right up. She hated the way she looks online. She decided to take her selfie makeover a step further, opting for plastic surgery. I'm going to be a supermodel. Reporter: Specifically, a nose job and a chin implant, with the help of this Beverly hills doctor. I don't want the nose to be too small. But I want to make it straight. Reporter: It didn't stop there. He recommended she get additional procedures, like fat grafting and a nose job. Up to $15,000 worth of surgery. Trianna is a family friend, so, she got a discount. After all that surgery, her new face was complete. I feel like I still look like myself. But photoshopped. In the quest for the picture-perfect face, she's not done with medical enhancements. Since the last time you've seen me, I actually had to have corrective, very small corrective surgery on my nose. And I had a little more fat grafting. And botox is, to me, a necessity. It's kind of like in my bills, like, rent, food, gasoline, medical insurance, botox. It's like a standard. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Cecilia Vega, ABC news, Los Angeles. That's taking it pretty far. Yeah. A little bit. I wanted to show that picture. I don't know if we have it. I'll go to robin's Twitter feed. Now we do. This is how we take our selfies very seriously. Yeah. We did a lot of work for that.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"While some use apps to improve their appearance in \"selfies,\" one woman took it a step farther, getting plastic surgery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23419667","title":"Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery for Perfect 'Selfie'","url":"/GMA/video/woman-undergoes-plastic-surgery-perfect-selfie-23419667"}