America's Next Fitness Star Announced

From 2,500 submissions, the final five fitness star hopefuls show off their favorite workout moves.
3:16 | 08/11/14

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Transcript for America's Next Fitness Star Announced
Back in January, a magazine launched a nationwide search for America's next fitness star. I was lucky enough to be a judge, and we are about to reveal the winner. Some of my fellow judges are here. We have Chris Powell, fitness trainer. And we have Michelle, the editor and chief of women's health magazine. Thank you for being here. As a trainer, what did you look for? For years of working with people on extreme weight loss. Most trainers get the complex concepts and make it easy to understand and fun to apply. But make a fitness star is passion. I totally agree, passion, expertise, and most important, somebody who can inspire and motivate. You need extra motivation. I know I do. And speaking of motivation, our fitness star is going to get motivation. Te tell us what they have to win? Create and star in a women's health magazine, and our hope is to contribute on an ongoing basis. There were over 2500 submissions. And we are down to the final five. Let's bring them on out. Come on, ladies. First we have Amy, you are from L.A. You have been training for ten years what's your number one tip? Save time, work a lot of muscles at once. This is the row, and working core, cardio, upper and lower body. Next is Emily from Denver, Colorado. She was the star on mtv's the real world. And a cross fit competitor. What's your tips? Combine the moves to work the full body. Burpee with a step up. It's working for Emily. I know that much. Katie is up next, she's a pilates instructor from right here in the big apple. Show us your success. Core strength and stability. The best part about strengthening the core, everything else gets stronger. Glad you're doing that. And from coral spring, Florida, and you are a former track star and throw a kettle ball. We are going to go forward and back. It's a great full body exercise. With the shoulders and core. Great full body. Next and last but not least, Noelle from North Carolina. We are going to work on the tummy. Keep the core tight and crunch up and come on overhead like this. They all take it look so easy. We know it's not. The votes were counted. So many for all of you. We have an envelope, I believe. So the envelope, please. And Michelle, do the honors. It's the moment of truth. Ready, guys? And the winner is elijan. And for more, check out this month's "Women's health" magazine.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"From 2,500 submissions, the final five fitness star hopefuls show off their favorite workout moves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24925754","title":"America's Next Fitness Star Announced","url":"/GMA/video/womens-health-americas-fitness-star-announced-24925754"}