'Workout Wednesday' With Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak leads "GMA" viewers through a live-stream, full-body workout.
45:50 | 10/19/16

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Transcript for 'Workout Wednesday' With Harley Pasternak
Okay. Bank here. Okay everyone back to our national car hill or among young man's starting with the first one. But still margin and got everybody who's. The margin. In certain parts and an outside. I'd like. Hello I'm amazed that there. My healing meaning. Yeah. You guys. That's next yeah. I got to talking and I guess I'm moving I don't know and I'll I'll let me. You are a celebrity trainer that's selling. Expert and they didn't hail. Leo you're really amazing because it talks eleven about what is next hour's gonna be light bulbs that is happening and I hadn't. Yes I mean isn't really about moving your body including your body throughout today and admitted they've been has partnered with the surgeon general 47 USA. You can go to this website log in be my BO Mike came. Make sure you get a lot of steps and yeah. Amazingly you change lady got guy you change. I say let yourself by the end of this hour and I got to look like gum pop star essar now you will look like gum pop star yeah. Now to an amazing thing that I know we're talking about the scary sentiment existed it. It's an angry deal applied. This Gary's at an end here is elegant Halloween coming along all right so maybe I'm. So it's Gary surged one movement preach major body art from and it's snowy evening you don't need Jim to do this you can hear this everywhere earned. And most importantly he remembers. This is not how you get lean this negative tone of strong blocking this as blocking move your body take the stairs get off the elevator you know when. Or early lock up an extra point if there's. That's what it's about getting stepped. Hundreds if they keep moving. Thanks so I'll I'll I'll let you have got even in pilot got gloves and I'll let you guys takeovers for those of you are just jumping onto our lives in this is highly. Packaged as a breath they'd been worked out Wednesday night at this that this. Mark Geragos never jog about everybody. Keep going. Jumping jacks and bring those arms nice and high. Warming up the shoulder is warming up a lower body and a little hole at stake here. Her bag I love how units in everyone's doing this again there I love it. I'll bring down and we did not apply the right you can add your elbows more bands you can add your arms on earth you can take longer strides. Shorter strides in. And then we transition at the end of the ninety seconds and minutes into one of my absolute home favorite favorite card your movements. That I love because you can't mess and I'm. It's such an aluminum releases here is the newlyweds DOS. Did go and everybody it's going everybody on my hope you're warming I'm it's very simple movements. You know he's everywhere and you don't need a women's you don't see any need coordinated. Related transition happened from jumping jacks in July next moment. Soon. Group went out now guards are jumping around now I'm the worst thing jumping rope and I am in the works I'm always dripping on the road. What's great about imagining the rope you can bet it's a really simple and you complete your own flair Honduras right. So we can all but one left leg Campbell and I'm playing only bobsled don't lays this is right leg no lady. Really simple but we can also alternate and left right left right left right. And the number to number rocky and I kind of do double time cross lungs. Just like back. But you get the idea of simple jumper over. Greg birds and second it. Perfect good job everybody. Cameramen. And importance of jump may Robin listening to your body. If you feel your feet are hurting you your ankles hurting you your knees hurting you. Listen dear biting. Don't push it too hard it doesn't mean you should stop exercising. It means dry modifying it to see if there's something a little more comfortable for your joints for your body. And transitioning into the next Gloria movement and this is great because this warms up all the spine movements. Although Moscow then our. Core and trunk rotation. Those trends her staffs all this final muscles. And really rotating bodies hitting the shoulders in America it's not about punching hard to get them out and getting some blunt blow going. To that upper body went through that core it's fine to the midsection of the smiling your way through work out. Good job everyone. You guys look very intimidating to me. Very very. I would not matter what any nearby here's my feelings about kind of race that all right jogging volunteering girl. Reads as far as you can really turn those shoulder is bringing blood flow to the whole body. Right now we got the glory hounds its joint warmed up. We're getting more more ready to. More today is that could work out why this Gary Chapman now there's nothing scary about him. Halloween coming up my dining hall to hear examine. But it's really an event half to 77. Great movement that is called donut tighten your whole body and along the way. Getting lots and yeah. Your Big Ben already knows what we're doing you don't hear Gonzalez okay Iran everybody in the everybody let's going zero no men's figure out guardian of the sky and know. Oh yeah. Zero garner movements and that's your job and allowing him. These days and Jack. I don't like I'm already. Getting warmed up. I'm already sweating and I'm already humming upon hearing on. I'm really warmed up and we haven't even gotten started. The craziest thing and words beginning. They're ready everybody. Find some energy coming up. You're ready. Okay. Yeah. What you pay for the work out. As we do that's coming answer the question where to start off the first permanent reversal on mission everybody home. Here's a bird that is Gary sentiments are reversed on me again. Okay what should I look forward docket and a man died. It's very simple. Depends what time you wake up and especially when you wake up and you worked out a computer to work out right away I wouldn't have something you have me maybe I'd have. I now bulletin peanut butter yeah maybe eyed hounds. A small security but you really don't eat too much before you work out gonna come back up again if your training intensely. So I would maybe have a snack before you work out and your former actress after you work out. If you're working a little bit later start when your breakfast wait a couple hours worked out and then have a snack after that. So here's what's great about this reversal on there today. And this reverse lunch here's a really great real lower body and your rulers. Your quads your hamstrings. That doesn't require any equipment you can literally me. In the operas in a meeting excused herself. Go to the bathroom in one of the stalls. And do your reverse lunches and that's how easy it is to do absolutely anywhere. Math is there an area of the body I should target first. Well that's a good question I like to split the body parts body parts up into different days of the week. So today were actually eating all of them in one circuit and that's going to do. I would always do bigger body parts first so don't start when arms start with major body parts. Shoulders back. Laps quads hams and you don't want to start off with the arms because or your midsection as union goes to be strong consider the other body parts. Goods are shaking it off. And the next exercise greater is a stiff leg dead so the wind just work different guys in the body is now burning east of lake Douglas. Emirate of slide back down hearing out spam. Until a nice stretch and answering that would this moment it's not about. How low you can go home it's how far back your hips can slide right we're not actually spending all underweight. We're just pushing your butt back and the wages sliding down your eyes when your hips can't go back any further that's when you slide your hips backcourt again. Madonna guy how long should I warmup for that's a great questions it depends on the kind of work you're doing this. I always say it's great to do a five minute warm maybe it's just walking around the block of your house. It's also specific civic kind of exercise are doing. So if you're doing lower body exercises make sure Laura bodies warm down if you during upper body make sure you're warming up your upper body is well they're trying given at least five minutes. And then start off with a very low to no resistance of certain body parts are doing to gays and reading swarm handlers and ready to go you don't ginger. Good job everyone. Keeping your eyes out. Never you're doing this in front of the mirror it's important that you make eye contact when yourself. God. Perfect. Good job everybody that you're doing this at home and if you feel your lower back starting to get tired. It means you're doing anything correctly and everyone here is doing such a great job. I keeping their eyes are keeping their back black and sliding their hips back there really. Imagine squeezing an orange between your shoulder blades the whole time when you're during this make sure you're not around to keep their shoulders back. So what's your hands during his tenure balloons or you're really feeling. All right great on the third and how this scary seven now ordered a work the upper body. And this is a row this is Iran Boyd dumb bell rope and imagine you're starting a lawnmower. Imagine that you're punching the ground and elbowing his ceiling and the Muslims are working here are called the wrong boys these losses are located between your shoulder blades. And they are essential for posture. I leash as a question for us. What kind of work out should someone do if they had a C section years ago and having a hard time losing the belly fat I really good question number one. Sometimes when women get pregnant they get what's called the guy asked is this a dialysis is this when the abdominal muscles split up parts. Usually they come back but they don't always come back so that's one thing to think about is do you have a guy asks is this. Secondly sometimes women. We'll get a hernia. When there's a large baby in some of the petite lady and knack can also retreat out and make you feel like you have a fat midsection winning back you don't. Thirdly it's sometimes. Okay. Galvin push yourself hard knock out any cleaning up and there is body back there and you think it's from the job. Childbirth but it's actually not. He says that you haven't moved as much as he assurance trying get at least 101000 steps today eat three meals this exact today get enough sleep and you know all hopefully. Go away good job everyone. Really pulling your arm across her body reaching down all the way keeping your head up postured everything on this. And really having a strong upper back is the key gives you an unnatural Shas left as well and that's a great bonus. Priscilla. What size wage tonight is Priscilla that's a great question I depends on the exercise your doing. How many sets how many reps are nearing for example with a lower body exercise you can handle a lot more weight than you can with an upper body exercise. So the next movement we're doing right here is a curl brass. Visit to movements who wanted to biceps curls and a shoulder press so relieved Jones and tightens the front of the arms and also the shoulders in one simple compound movements. Purcell sometimes it's your own body weight that you're using you watch you don't need to use and waits sometimes it's resistance by cable. By machine. So understanding and kind of resistance are using it is really important when you determine how much resistance you should be using I hope that helped Priscilla. Good job everyone. Pearl impress keeping a little bit of bend in the knees as we do this you don't wanna out your later blocked out because we tend to lean back and put a lot of pressure on her lower back. These are very very simple movements that we can do it anywhere anytime anyplace. The good job ever won curled grass down and stretch curled grass down and back. What Gil Klein also is when your day really high repetitions. You don't need a lot of weight you're gonna get tired you're gonna feel burned. Do we feel a burn everybody. We feel burned so it's taking your weights accordingly sets wraps fitness level and goals. Good job everybody. We're getting ready. There really fatigue out goes by zaps. Fifty got their shoulder is keeping a bend in the need connecting our core really the power this comes from the ground all the way up through the top of us. Chris has a question for us I love the work out I've locked behind hurt and thirty pounds. Wow thanks for the motivation Chris Milan are. Chris you've made my day you made my month. A 130 pounds that's inspirational to everyone else anybody watching Chris loss 130 pounds. You can answer. That everyone needs to do what we can all be a better us next moment we're doing. Isn't how fantastic movement it in the back of our bought into different ways so that says. Lying done about tries to be extension combined with big blue chip Iraq's. There were during these two movements of one and I like compound movements because that they're they're very time ambition. And that you can't complain about your triceps getting tired because your goods are also getting tired of seeing so many things to complain about you don't complain about any. This is a really great movement driving your hips up strong blues are important to protect your lower back. I'm to round out the backside we love that comment and also clearly strong for you need strong blues Sunnis are great movements. We have a question from Joan. It's suggests working out every day. Joan I suggest being physically active. Every single day of your life. And that means at least 101000 steps today of movements whatever that movement is as a dancing isn't walking jogging stair climbing hiking. Movement now resistance exercise unlike aerobic exercise. Is more like antibiotics right you need to dig a specific dose frequency intensity and duration. You can't just do it every day Willy Nilly you really need to be specific with your plan of attack. So I like a train each body part at least once a week but I definitely wouldn't bring the same body part every single day. Tried for three days a week grew up to four days a week or something else elected tell people can pick one body part every day of the week a different body part. And one exercise to that body part that's a great way to get into it. Great everyone transitioning. Back into the next crewmen were going to be during a fight blank really great movement. Strengthens and tones and tightens the brunt of the abs direct this apps getting into the opposition here. Theory go shows the way. Squeeze. And down it's a very subtle movements very very subtle movement. You don't need to do crunch they're not really jarring your head like a regular sit up I love this movement it's super intense. Debbie asked the question. What would you recommend for someone starting out overweight and in their fifties you know wife Debbie. One step at a time I know it sounds simple but the idea of going out and walking. Get yourself a debate count your steps per day starlet when you wake up in the morning walk around the block once once. When you get to work walk around the block once and we gradually. Killed. We gradually build on that okay. There was building on it one step at a time may be is third with 6000 sap today it's 7000 steps today. May god today 9000 deaf today and then what primary gradually build up to it and then we can introduce some resistance exercise. Good job everybody and keep squeezing. And remember it's not how high you push your hands it's how much you squeeze your Domino's right it's about squeezing your Domino's. Good job everybody. Pushing thrilled. Look at your toes a look at your fingernails look at your toes Goodyear thing are now squeeze. Good job. How revealing our wraps. Hi sandy. Are we feeling our. He's going to make everybody good job. Are right now we have to balance it out we get the front and amidst action we need to do the back of the midsection lying face down we're doing this super woman. I gave the super woman barman extended legs back. And nearly got to show us the way. If you feel any pain in your neck or you feel pain in your lower back and trying to modify the movement. Trying to find something else that works better bearable. Here we have a modify or. Here we have hands eyes and wide here we have a Dimon grip. That right over here. We have fingers against the temples and these are all great variations and do what works for you. Listen to your body never use it as an excuse to not exercise. There is or variation. That works. Or everybody. A really important thing here strengthening dollar lump our muscles a lower back muscles and helping with posture and helping with the body helping with a hamstring is. And actually helps makes us look longer and leaner. Because with a strong are back it actually laying there in the midsection and that is so important to do kids squeezing everybody. Good this is an endurance muscle came going to good job topped. Swings. Good job everybody. And god and thirty seconds everybody. Wow. Super once every seven. He going. You go and we'll keep going good good job everybody that were almost an hour. Good job. Chloride. So guess what we got through one look at this Gary salmon and we only I'm sick and morning. Graham ordered our so let's move into a particular party or movement ready to party or movement no. Sixty seconds. Kickback Carter I'm no good. You've got end John but in the event in court he had been questioned Boris. Common applied to overweight las highly recommend jump starting the weight loss again. Born in great questions all of us and ended up plateau all of us getting that right it's a normal thing. First and foremost it's great to know why you're doing before we know how to change it. So I would keep track of how many steps are taking a day right now. Maybe you're not moving enough maybe you're eating right made you're working out the nadir sedentary too much for today. They're trying get that snap poll out whatever you're doing right now had a at least 2007 today number one how are you sleeping Courtney. It is sleeping and now briefly doing well enough. So measuring the quality receivers really important because maybe you're making for eating decisions the next day because you're tired well you're not moving it up because you're tired. And third. This guy is a huge thing how are you reading this important you eat protein fiber for three meals and two sacks today and eating properly is really really beat. So I hope those California and I hope you get your flats our all right everybody back to bay water we guy. We'll backing into our reverse ones again this is the beginning of the second series. Of the scary seven you'll see it's not so scary. But maybe instead of your retreating in eating sugar and Halloween evening you'll be doing this people think you're Knox. I Danielle has a question marks what dominant day is best exercise in the morning evening or night. Whenever you exercise. And that's the best time of the day science tells us there really is no. Specific time of the day that's better for you people are all different we have different schedules different energy levels people sleep differently. Whatever works for you whenever you can commit. The getting it ends is the right time of the day for U I hope that helps Danielle. Good job everybody. So it's important when you're new unilateral exercise like this right dad wears. Doing an equal amount on both sides because you don't want to have an imbalance. Where you're doing only one side and you forget the new the other side because not only get a look funny you're a walk around lop sided. But you can also get injured that way so muscle balance Natalie French tobacco nobody but side a side is also very very important. Good job everybody sinking nice and they've. I love this Kuwait should be on your front field to right now are one went horn are right quick score all the way gonna write Neil. Tonight major push through the cooler more hamstring and applauds. Second moment they're flagged down let's grab your hand weights. Project. And pushing a buy back as far as you can. Good job. Giving a shoulder blades back. Make sure there's not too much bend in the need now when I say Devlin. The traditional deadline is actually like the next day you were down and out a stiff leg dead left. Is actually. Sliding back. And forward so there's very little band in the need it's really interests lie. Because there is slider doing and that's really really important. Good job everyone had their outright regular shoulder blades back together a team that's fine nice and arched. It's awesome. Good job weighed on your heels. Between your forfeited your heroes king going Jones this is great as mark thank you bought thank you Joan equipment and how many arrests for exercise. I think your question married. There's a couple different ways of measuring how much you should do beach exercise. You can measure like time. So we're doing in the eighties for 92 bit ago you can also tell you repetitions. And so there is no specific number of reps you should do you want any insistence erratic and changes week to week. Keep going everybody. Are we going early and how they and are now. Tonight now. Good job. So that's really really important. Doniger thanks for the first circuit come off walk my dog Donna good thanks are due in the first circuit. That's where it starts one circuit and gradually build up to do circus. So that's important gradually start off and I love you wanna walk your dog and injury to get snapped your dogs idiots out. I wanted to be healthier for all right next movement visited hero and so we've gotten. I think alarmed on our own business they're great exercise. Proper backs rank and cost her. Reducing your chance of getting a neck injury and and you hold back. It's a really important you don't pull off toward the net and some of the mistakes people make. His April. And their next comes into their shoulder you really want a ball that album back. So that the bottom of the shoulder blades squeeze towards each other team that left shoulder blade is sliding in toward this behind. Slides into or just fine and that's really really important. Good job everybody. All right crystal how can you modify. For somewhere back problems. Chris so guess what I have back problems I am a horrible back. And if any eating exercise makes it better. So without knowing specifically what's wrong when your back because there's a lot of different back issues I would say see your physician get a diagnosis. Make sure we know what's wrong we hear back and then we can determine what to do and what not to do your bag. I would say one thing you really want to minimize from rows back issues he's twisting. Twisting his not rated you have this issues. Or you have arthritis. Can really avoiding too much clenching motions that's important to do you don't want a mean punch too much. Back announcer jar your back. Strengthening your your midsection and haul planes is important. Keeping your body weight we'll you don't have too much sense try to property wade can pull your back chlorine. And a strong upper back and strong hands are using words I think are great protective way. To reduce any whole future pain or deterioration of your lower back and hope that helps. Good job everyone easily transition game from the line here is good the data last. For the Rouse and now we're on the choral brass says and I love these movements. Because here we are in the middle of Manhattan. And every time we read shop local police say we're surrounded by buildings and bill Warren. And pictures of crude everywhere you grow a New York there's a picture of their third your job everybody. Some ways and I'm. Excellent we've got the knees slightly bent. So we don't lean to far back. And you wanna keep your goal and squeezed a bed I like to give a good squeezed to stabilize the back. Danny album is the best time to exercise day or night Danielle they mention the best time to exercise. Whenever you exercise. There is no scientific better time than another good kids get in. Get it and win it works for you and your schedule and I'm not much of a morning person. So I don't like doing it first thing in the morning but definitely something that I'll do. Later in the afternoon like exercising her miracle Jim that's my goals and our heart at one down to the ground line drives an extension. And then everything ross'. Barbara organize behind we're work on the back of the arms now that's really important everybody. The. Focus on strengthening the muscles to be the first carrier muscles of the back of the arms the bite the hands during the lower back all of these plus open. Right it was open it has long anatomical position that makes us look a lot longer and leaner. Tony well muscles are the coral press is hitting Greg questioned turning. They're doing two things at the compound movement so it's a bison crawled which hits the biceps and the break your radiologist right every here. And it. You're del Torre because it's his shoulder press so really it's. Break Mary Alice biceps and shoulders all and one movement but also communicates with your whole core all the way down because we're standing. We're not sitting three need to have a strong quarter pole gets recruited as you've been your elbows and reach up towards the ceiling. Good job ever won. Bush and they have job now. It's important here that's the way it is in your heels and you're driving after videos. Because in your drive number three your toes it's more wives and it's hard on the need. Bush and up all the way. Awesome. Keep going good job everybody. Renault and engineering to send home even if there's one of these seven that you really gravitate to. Did you leave today and you say I learned one new exercise and you incorporate that in your life and you get your staff in every single day. You're winning. So remember it's not about having to do all seven fort conflict were doing and they're doing all seven once you win. If you're doing one needs you win a small steps and gradually build up overtime. Chris don't. What would you recommend to somebody would arthritis and back issues. Crystal and I just mention I actually have arthritis. I have backed issues I think it depends on the kind of arthritis and the kind of back issues you have seen your position get diagnosed specifically. Find out what you shouldn't be giving it shouldn't be doing out of them were put you through a physical therapist. So they can give you some great exercises to do to help strengthen the muscles that you need to be you know one thing you can do it our greatest and you should do. Walk. Arthritis is at its worst when you're still when you don't move. When you are in motion there is nothing better for most forms of arthritis and get out walking your steps. Getting comfortable parish sheriff's get a pet bed get yourself a bottle water Brenda. There was someone out there. And get out walk and that is fantastic her back and arthritis. Fantastic. All right so now we're back for pipelines are really great motion now one of the mistakes that some people may kids. CN we've got this arm that's perfectly still here are some people will actually a dorm sway back and the whole body goes materially. You really want to keep your shoulder directly above the wrist. You want to keep the Gil good right about this show and it's just squeezing your apps. It's not pushing your butt up to the sky it's just squeezing Arabs look here laces her back and relax now we don't put the body over. And it's really important we strange the other side of the midsection. And we're doing a Superman or a super woman. And look at all the variations here. You want to live. Your knees and your nose at Norris. I know it's a silly thing but it's a great way to visualize in your bigger thighs and you're just off the ground it's not about getting your head off the ground. You don't want to be doing this and not about lifting your feet on the ground again after spending your needs. So it's slipping your eyes off the ground and it's lifting you're capped off the ground and if you really do it properly and the very top you squeeze or loose. And you get those loose in the Arab and a strong clues help protect your back. Small don't tighten. This is a phenomenal movement it's often overlooked and it's often done incorrectly and don't forget about crunches. There will clinch his. This is a movement you need to do this strength on the opposite side of your body is prejudice and in any evening remember. Because every time you come back you're actually lengthening your body your lengthening the midsection and you're creating this illusion of a longer. A leaner body good job everybody. He'll have burned and now sometimes I'll do this in their men. And oxygen content intention on its zone. I won't rest Alexi. She'd been motion as you do it a little slower first. Everyone here is kind of resting after every round that's good to do gradually build in do it. And give their wraps up nice and moderation. Don't over exhaust yourself if you push past your comfort zone sometimes cluster way to move like this you can strain along muscle. Listen nearby anything gradually build up over time good job everyone are right back door car near nervous. At home back to your card immersed pick anyone of these we have a large bright we have a jog. We are jumping rope. We have jumping jacks we have box saying whatever you want to do they get here right now all of them counted staffs. And everybody please. Good equipment website and sign up for stepping up. Please join my team because I mean. Severe competition. With some incredible people but I want to crush I want my team to get more snaps than them and I want us to be able to walk around the world multiple times and show everyone. Back to get fit and healthy it's really about taking one step. At a time and that's how it starts good job everyone here. So we've got the beginning of our phase three coming we're going to be doing the the scary seven again for the third time being five seconds OK so get ready bill. All right everyone and no I'm just. Are you ready. Here we go. I don't think he doubted that those lines as perfect. And isn't caught flat line. With a split lines you keep these nice and simple and writing here and good job everybody. Best of variations of these we can do a walk lines a walk lines where you step forward. I'm step forward and you keep going to renew an endowment driveway and down the hall when your apartment building. Down your block. My wife is watching she doesn't around the block. Very impressive. And down you can also do way alternating lines so 4740 air we can also stepped back. And new left right left right right now routing all one side and all the other. You can make more intensive by actually holding your seven month old sign here the whole time and doing it but let me assure you. Secure thing in the world beginning of all time you forget about the pay here in couple hand weights. Couple cans in about laundry detergent jugs and laundry detergent whenever you need to increase the intensity of the workout over time you can increase in my adding more repetitions. You can agree semi during the slow war you pledging faster by adding weight by doing more sex. Com and even the music you listen you can change the intensity Bob your workouts. Good job everybody plunging down. And it's awesome glory onto the Second Amendment would run the ship going down left. Commits them. Here because we're. Hot zone OK everyone looking up even though shoulder blades back. Really important driving your hips back now and the visual Jerrold. Imagine there's somebody behind you. And you want to knock come over to. And that's really what it is so as I walked by I want to imagine that Roman getting knocked over every time I walked by everybody. That's what you want to think about pushing your hips backwards not about bending down he never won a man now because you end up rounding your back. And it's very hard on the distant your back you wanna just rider had backed figure during a hamstring stretch. And when you feel your heads can't go back any further to bring in a sport. Great as a question is walking the best Carty out for someone Whitney problems. Free without knowing specifically what your knee problems are found I would say for most new problems now. Use pain as an indicator of what to do what not to do walk get out there listen your body if you can walk walk but in the meantime idea positioning get a diagnosis. Pacific fleet bank walking is great for almost everybody all the time this watch walking down hills down hills knock great. It going. Coming second rehab. Hot summer. Join 32 live shot eat great. Good job everybody all right transition into our third movement comments Gary savage. So now we're going to be doing a single arm broken left leg forward right leg back all of our winter front leg. And grow. Looking up old timers they don't want to look up from the ceiling you don't want a jar your knack. You wanna be looking for a team that's fine in the neutral position if you want to reach all the way to the ground. And you brought that album not only op but up and towards the center moves behind so that's really important. Brett as far as walking I was I would also say the right footwear is important to protect your need and strengthening your hamstrings is really important. They're not just doing lunges squats and all those other things but strong knees. It includes strong muscles all around the need. Good job everyone. Brian is gap you'll look towards the mid line of the body. Good job. But we don't run. Reach all the way down and all the way out he did a frustrating thing is when I teach fitness. I'm teaching at later today I actually have to go do this work done. So for those who do you see how really crazy looking person in Times Square plunging around underground it's this guy feel free to join me. He's going everybody. Reach and a row looking up long strides we've got to put back. Everyone in unison same cadence now when people talk about what's the best speed. To work out out. Good riddance let's not get ready everybody other leg right and no it. Armed progress ready progress. Room and brass are some squeeze play into the shoulder. Every right into the biceps girl. Good job. Stretch now there's such simple moments come on everybody here right Abraham a lot of energy in a moment. Can go red. Choral brass. Choral brass. Biceps and shoulders we'll read your radio outlets and fueled up pump the blood going through a whole upper body. Starting from your toes all the way up your quads. Brazilian home. Keep up wit us. He popped the Raleigh 92 burst city's one today's Gary seventh. Keep going everybody don't stop being reported kind you don't stop we're to push through this one a day where did you go through this one. Keep going. We're financial waste Niemi if airwaves. Keep going everybody. Notes to match this please. S down and. Florida star back on scary seven movie number one reverse ledges. We're noon eastern nine seconds we're due for more movements OK so house. I. Hi everybody. Now Pena second the reverse lines is okay certainly starting to find on this I'm a little variation them and actually had to bring Elaine back every time sort of start here. Bring a right leg back and then bring it all the way forward today. My remarks we gotta go let's go everyone and Tom Stefan back. Drop. And forward. Rob now I don't have great ballads and I fine for someone without good balance. The and the ability to actually dragnet back foot forward and bring it. Towards the other foot is greatly. Sort of an advance movement but also any easier movement of today. And it also gives you a great foundation. So later if you want to turn it into a walk lines and now here's that walkway and their day when you're done today. When GM today. His role in the credits go outside it's still summer so warm most places where it's dumped four and stepped forward. Stepped forward. Step forward all the way down the driveway turn around and come back the other way and what's greatest. It's not about wraps. It's not about time it's about distance and so that's really really important because someone asks how many reps do I do you can measure it three ways not to I said time and wraps. Resistance is another. To the end of their driveway and back. And it gives you there is a visual bull you say to yourself. I'm going to be into the driveway I see I'm almost there and it kinda motivates you and propelled you to keep moving forward. Good job everybody. Very carefully. Game seven at com keep reversal on CNN com. Were almost done these raps. We're in a transition. In Terrell are stiff legged that left next. So get your dumb bells are ready pitcher Kansas are bright a future bottles of water pulled him in front of the skies looking up. Bush enough but back now it's not how low you can bring awaits right I don't care about bringing them down I just care about how far back. Can you push your hips when you push your bod back as far as you can hang your heads can't go back anymore you're all her body freezes. And bring your heads back to neutral okay gives back gives border hinging right here OK we're not hinging here. Now we're not changing here we're hinging from the hips slide in the forward. And sliding them back. Keep going to closing at home field Brady can send your questions and and I will answer them for your. Good job everybody. I'd like normal is looking up its. Sliding years back now I get there there's something about gender specific exercises. Guys say I don't need to do this exercise. I don't need to have a great but first of all. You do. Guys second of not just about a grade five it's about a strong lower back it's about strong answering. It's about having a balanced physique and reducing your chance of injury that's really important. Just like women wanting to avoid arm exercises. Because they're scared it's gonna make dorms Biggs so it's not like that waste don't necessarily make you bigger. He need to eat a lot of boos could be bigger weight can actually make you pioneer if done properly so don't be scared of weights and home remember. Your own body weighs more than any dumb bell like you give you for some reason about that Katie Ewing dumb bells aren't. Breaking down and you'll understand they lied to a right onto the third movement now. Single arm dumb bell row right so we've got my right leg back and we're rowing. We're reaching and rowing club touching the ground and elbowing the ceiling and reporting that Alamo and not just out. But often towards the mid line of the body. If you wanna start this without any waves do so you can feel like you're mastering the exercise. That the record. That's important certain. Region around the punching down and rolling up all the way and this is a great movement through because there's not a lot of moving parts on the right. We just reaching down or blowing up. The key to being consistent would exercise its simplicity and quite often we get the most complex exercises that we see an imminent magazines and point someone did that lampposts. When one leg in a move the other leg. There's nothing more effective then walking. Literally walking and I got rid of my copy machine at home and it forces me to wake up in the morning. Did and I'm NF complete days. And I walked for blocks in my favor copies of the plays I get my coffee I walked back. 700 steps or 700 setback 14100 staff I haven't even started my day to remember you get lean and lite. And you get strong image and invited Jim I don't mean necessarily going to a gym but I mean doing resistance to only a tiny exercises like this Dave Lewis called. Tighten it down but they're not gonna have you shed pounds shedding the pounds happened one step. At a time and we've really got to admit web site and your joints stepping up and join Harley team. And trying to get as many steps as you can for a day at least 101000. Light golden at least 141000 steps today. The winners Phil Knight who knows the country we have no excuse why you can't get a sidewalk. And don't mean a person who goes to the grocery store and drives around for ten minutes trying to find the closest parking spot. I want you to find the furnace Vargas fight you can find and walk those extra thirty seconds. And then do the same on the way out because you'll find it all adds up at the end of the day so now want to grow breasts toning the biceps and shoulders. You'll notice that the movement that we're getting it today are really doable they're very simple. Okay I'm. Everybody at home thank you so much for joining me we get a lot of work today when you're done knees if you want to continue and finish the rest of the exercises. Please do so. Feel free to go on social media. Well my baseball. Post near question. I go my as a ram make fun of something when everyone to do but please be active benefit its website and sign up today good job everybody. Job.

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