The Sexiest Hunks of the 2014 World Cup

Check out all the hottest soccer stars appearing in the Brazil tournament.
3:14 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for The Sexiest Hunks of the 2014 World Cup
summer down in Brazil. Next up in "The heat index," the world cup. All of the action tick kicks off today. And Julie foudy is going to bring us a look at some of soccer's hottest stars. Very tough assignment for you. Yeah, George. Just to put it in perspective, of world cup mania, imagine the craziness of the super bowl in the United States, spread that across the world. And you'll have 3 billion people tuning in. And they're not just tuning in to watch how the stars do on the field. They're eager to catch a glimpse on how things are heating up. Hold on tight. The world cup is here. And the kicks and tricks don't hook you, let's say there's something for everyone. Couldn't wait to get that shirt off. Reporter: While fans will be cheering for the favorites from their home countries, there are some stars that will have everyone watching. Let's start with Portugal's leading man, Cristiano Ronaldo. Recently voted world player of the year. Cristiano Ronaldo, from Portugal. He's done it again. Reporter: He's a social media megastar. 26 million followers on Twitter. And 84 million Facebook fans. Ronaldo is the highest paid soccer player of the world. Last year, raking in $73 million. And he's one of the world's premiere pitchmen. And equally impressive, he's not shy about bearing his bod. He couldn't wait to get that shirt off. Reporter: Posing on the cover of Spanish "Vogue" with his girlfriend. And there's neymar da silva Santos. Known as just neymar. He's been compared to the great pele. Off the field, he dazzles as a cover model and a marketing marvel. Last but not least, Lionel mess, captain of Argentina. At 5'7", he's nicknamed the flea. But he's every bit the giant. Scoring big with endorsements. Wowing his 57 million Facebook fans. Messi. Reporter: Buckle up, it's going to be a wild ride. Perhaps other stars here at the world cup will take a page from Cristiano Ronaldo's book. He has 85 million Facebook fans, in large part, thanks to him taking his shirt off. Let's hope so. 85 million Facebook fans. Thanks very much. We have a great interactive feature on our website. You can vote on the best-looking guy at the world cup. And Sara Haines is in social square with that. The world cup may be out of your hands. But it's up to you who takes the world cup of cuteness. This works like your March madness bracket, only now, you're mad about men. Click on your favorite player. And keep voting throughout the world cup. The first round of voting is open now, which means one thing. Go to on Yahoo! To vote, right now. This is some serious stuff, you guys.

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{"id":24102743,"title":"The Sexiest Hunks of the 2014 World Cup","duration":"3:14","description":"Check out all the hottest soccer stars appearing in the Brazil tournament.","url":"/GMA/video/world-cup-hottest-soccer-stars-brazil-tournament-24102743","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}