Xavier scores huge 'Sweet 16' upset

11th seeded Xavier upset number two seed University of Arizona while Oregon topped Michigan to advance to the Elite 8 along with Kansas and Gonzaga.
2:54 | 03/24/17

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Transcript for Xavier scores huge 'Sweet 16' upset
Now to the big dance overnight Xavier taking home a huge sweet 16 upset and there were some other nail-biting close calls out there and Paula Faris is here with all the highlights. Hey, Paula. My heart is still palpitating. This is what it's about. Three of last night's games, they went down to the final shot. To the final seconds and this morning we're talking about that David versus goliath match-up. Xavier versus Arizona and Xavier doing what few thought was possible. Overnight the upset of the tournament, the 11 seed Xavier musketeers stunning the number two seed, Arizona. That's it. Xavier. Reporter: Accepting the wildcats packing, a team more than 12 million brackets thought would advance to the elite eight. Scores. Reporter: Xavier's defense keeping Arizona from scoring for the last three minutes, earning their first trip to the elite eight since 2008. Was this fan their good luck charm? Bill Murray in the crowd to cheer on his son who is an assistant coach for the musketeers. As the first four teams pumped their tickets to the elite eight reminders that the road is paved with broken brackets and lined with tears. Ooh. Reporter: It's game over for Michigan. This year's Cinderella team, the wolverines hoping for their eighth consecutive win since their plane ran off the runway dropping a heartbreaker to Oregon at the buzzer. For the elite eight, no. I had a good look at the basket and just didn't drop for me. Reporter: Number one seed Gonzaga advancing over west Virginia. Goodness! Reporter: The game a nail-biter to the very end but with 40 seconds left, west Virginia missing three three-pointers in a row. Miles now. Clock expires and the game is over. Reporter: Some on social media calling it the worst possession ever. And posting memes like these. So four more games tonight, winners advance to the elite eight. As for Xavier, they will play Gonzaga Saturday night. If they win this will be their first trip to the final four. Was that a "Fresh prince of bell air" meme? Carlton. A shot only a mother could love. Bill Murray being a lucky charm. They have a real good luck charm. They do and actually have what amounts to be a glass urn of ashes. Let me explain. I'm sure your coves did some weird things but Chris Mack the head coach had an awful February, okay, you guys, they were playing poorly so printed out copies of the February schedule with the team's record, handed them out to each player and said white on the back something you're willing to sacrifice from here on out and burned all of those calendars in the locker room in a metal trash can, those ashes now on display throughout the tournament. Seems to be their good luck charm. I know. Okay. Let's head to ginger with more

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"11th seeded Xavier upset number two seed University of Arizona while Oregon topped Michigan to advance to the Elite 8 along with Kansas and Gonzaga.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"46345199","title":"Xavier scores huge 'Sweet 16' upset","url":"/GMA/video/xavier-scores-huge-sweet-16-upset-46345199"}