4-year-old girl's incredibly passionate 'Moana' performance goes viral

The "GMA" anchors discuss the moving rendition of "How Far I'll Go" performed by a 4-year-old at her pre-kindergarten graduation.
6:25 | 06/20/17

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Transcript for 4-year-old girl's incredibly passionate 'Moana' performance goes viral
share with everybody which this made me smile. This passionate 4-year-old singing a song from "Moana." Take a look. ???He sea it calls me ??? ??? no one knows where it goes ??? ??? it's the wind in my sail that I leave behind me ??? ??? one day I'll know ??? That is 4-year-old Sofia. I love the namesake. Same name as one of my daughters singing the song "How far I'll go" from "Moana." She didn't even practice at home. She just showed up and did it. I think this girl has a future on Broadway or something. They were videotaping it to send it to her grandmother and realized how hysterical it is and he said you should post it and it has gotten 12 million views on Facebook. She was supposed to be low key but -- Her mom did say I had no idea she had this in her. There's no low key in Sofia. You can see that. I think we'll hear from Sofia on down the line. We have a wonderful guest to bring to the table. She is starring in her first feature film "Spider-man: Homecoming." Give it up for zendaya. Oh, my gosh. You are so lovely. Oh. How are you doing? Good. Look at you. Hi. Oh, do you feel the love. I do feel the love today. Oh, today and every day. Every say. So nice to be here. I love the energy. You bring it, as well. Michael was ranting and raving and saw it with the twins last night. I got to say when you popped up the screen and they looked at me like that, ha. I did even over and say she's going to be on the show tomorrow. They got very excited. You had to auditiony. Uh-huh. No no makeup. I had the audition process, I was wearing a little makeup but don't tell anybody. Audition part was really cool it was, you know like an initial audition on tape and then our director is so chill and relaxed it took some of the pressure off. A nerve-racking experience especially for me, it was my first -- Feature film. And I wanted it so bad so I was definitely nervous, people don't think I get nervous but I was extremely nervous. Tom was super cool and super chill as well as the director. So much attention on the movie and rave review from Michael. Can't wait to see it myself. Lots of questions whether you're the famous Mary Jane Watson. Always the question of my life right now. An ABC news exclusive. I keep trying to tell everybody my name is Michele in the movie. I am not lying to you. She's intellectual. Smart, which I think leads her to not be able to socially interact with anybody her own age but she is a bit of a loner. I like her wittiness and quickness. I'm definitely Michele. Go see the movie. That's all we're saying. Starts with an "M." Take a look at Michele. Okay. We're going to have Spieth swing, say you are tight and I get a fist bump. I can't believe you're at this lame party. You're here too. Am I? I know. Mystery. That's pretty much what I do the whole movie is pop in at random times and leaves. But it works. It works. The producers were telling us did you really go on your first date to a "Spider-man" movie. I did. I did. When I was first allowed to date which was 16, sorry for new parents out there who made it earlier for their kids, later for their kids. I my first date was to "Spider-man" and I was obsessed with it immediately and I've always kind of think I related to spider-man because he's a real person. Not just the superhero at the end of the day, Peter parker a 15-year-old kid which we've all been that awkward teenager and had that time in our life. Everybody has so I think that he was always like the realest superhero. Tangible to people and so it just happened that that was my first date and then -- Meant to be? Here we are now. It's just crazy. We talk about this being your first movie but it's definitely not your last. The greatest showman coming out with Hugh Jackman. You did your own stunts in as many as I was allowed to do. But, yeah, no, it was such an incredible, you know, experience and living in knock for five months and did a lot of working out, a lot of trapeze training wpich is something I never thought I'd be doing which is so different from this character in spider-man where I do not swing from anything. That's Tom's job. Now I'm different -- now I get to take on all the responsibility. Such an incredible movie and want to continue to make the right career moves and do things that I'm passionate about and definitely passionate about that in you have a spirit about you when you walk in the room. Yes, you do. Really incredible. I tell you what, look at her. We love her in person and you'll love her in this movie, "Spider-man: Homecoming," it hits theaters, July 7th. Go check out zendaya.

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{"id":48145528,"title":"4-year-old girl's incredibly passionate 'Moana' performance goes viral ","duration":"6:25","description":"The \"GMA\" anchors discuss the moving rendition of \"How Far I'll Go\" performed by a 4-year-old at her pre-kindergarten graduation.","url":"/GMA/video/year-girls-incredibly-passionate-moana-performance-viral-48145528","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}