New Years Fashion: New Style for 2013

Lori Bergamotto share 4 perfect looks to ring in the New Year in style for less than 100 dollars.
3:09 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for New Years Fashion: New Style for 2013
Speaking of deals, 2013 is almost here. We have four perfect looks to ring in the new year in style. "Lucky" magazine's lori bergamotto is here. 100 or less. There's still bargains to be had, amy. We begin with mary. Mary's going to come on out. This dress is more of a vintage look. You see the tea length. Very trendy for right now. We gave her a little thrift store clutch for $5. 5? Go to thrift stores. And shoes from forever 21. How much do you think this is? 300. Let's do the big reveal, mary. It's $72. It's a british website. Amazing things. You love the look and feel of that dress. It's perfect to ring in the new year. Thank you so much, mary. Next up. Katie. She's ready to party. Come on out, katie. This dress is a little more feminine. Very sweet. We gave her drop earrings. The dress is from kohl's. Go to the department stores like kohl's and target. They have designers. And major sales. And you love that. And the shoes are from payless. Let's see the big reveal. The dress was only $40.80. Love the way that looks. That's fantastic. And we have kate coming up. This is a more rocker style. This would look great on you. This is great new year's eve. A fun party dress. It is from -- we give her the huge clutch that really dresses it up. A silver clutch from zappos. The dress, we know is less than the one before it, is $40. So, pixiemarket.Com. Great website. I love the way you put the silver with it. Big reveal for everyone here. One of our own -- here is -- josh elliott comes free with the dress. This dress is from macy's. We love the look and feel of it. Even though it is winter white and has short sleeves, it feels very party dress. Everyone loved the look of it. The necklace is from century 21. You can get designer deals a lot less. The bag, we gave her a pop of color from overstock.Com. And payless shoes. Reveal the price of that dress. 34. Unbelievable. Hey, everybody, petula, huh? We're just showing you can go and shop online or hitting the crazy sales today. You can find a look for less. Head-to-toe, everything look, all the information is on your website. We were about to tell everyone that. Thank you, lori. Thank you, ladies. You look fantastic.

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{"id":18066841,"title":"New Years Fashion: New Style for 2013","duration":"3:09","description":"Lori Bergamotto share 4 perfect looks to ring in the New Year in style for less than 100 dollars.","url":"/GMA/video/years-fashion-style-2013-18066841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}