Yoga Instructor Arrested for Twin Sister's Murder

Alexandria Duval was arrested in New York after prosecutors argue that she intentionally drove her SUV off a cliff in Hawaii to kill her sister.
4:40 | 11/14/16

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Transcript for Yoga Instructor Arrested for Twin Sister's Murder
We begin with the murder case involving twin sisters in Hawaii. One of them is accused of intentionally driving a car off a cliff killing her identical sister. Charges were initially dropped. Now she's back behind bars. Linsey Davis is here with the details. Reporter: Good morning, robin. It has all the twists and turns of a chilling Hollywood movie script. Two sisters seen physically fighting in car moments before it plungs off a cliff. One is killed. The other survives. She was charged with murder. Then the charges were dropped. Now reinstated. This morning, the sole survivor once again if police custody. Accused of murder. Al ex exandria Duval was arrest frd the second time for murdering her twin sister. Police were searching for the 27-year-old it's the last two weeks. After a grand jury indicted her in the death of her sister. Investigators say last may, Duval intentionally drove her SUV off this 200-foot cliff in Hawaii with her sister, an stays Ya, in the passenger seat. Witnesses say the two women were fighting. Her sister did not survive. I could see a pair of hands yanking on the driver's head. Her head was going like this. And she was angry arguing with the person, whoever was yanking on her head. She was in a rage. Reporter: Duval said the crash was an accident. In June, a judge threw out the charges against her, ordering her release, citing no probable cause for murder. The court has concluded that the evidence fails to support a finding of probable cause. Reporter: Then last month, that grand jury indictment. There's a lot of things missing from this case. It's the things that are missing from the case that actually make this case. Reporter: Some are now hoping there will be closure for a death that has captivated so many. This case is all being made circumstantially. However, actions speak very loud. When the police went out to her house, there was evidence that she was packing and wanting to flee. You put the pieces together, it's not looking great. Reporter: Investigators say after the crash, they found the accelerator pushed all the way to the floor. This morning, Duval is waiting to be extradited back to maui. She's being held on $3 million bail. We bring in Dan Abe rams. A judge initially drops the charges. She's arrested. It's a little unyushl. Sit. You have a judge saying there's not enough evidence to send the case to trial. And prosecutors saying, thank you, judge. We're now going take this to a grand jury because we're going to find a way to get these second-degree murder charges moving forward. And so now, a grand jury, offers up this indictment. Remember, really easy to get a grand jury to indict if a prosecutor wants it. Weak case? Strong case? I think it's a weak case with regard to murder. You're talking about someone who drives her car off of a cliff with her sister. An eyewitness says see the passenger pulling the driver's hair and they're fighting. As this is happening. So, car then goes off the cliff. And they charge the driver with murder. Now you may say you believe this was manslaughter. That it was reckless. The idea she was trying to kill her sister by risks she's going kill herself is murder-suicide. Okay. I guess that's possible. But it's not an easy case to prove. And that's exactly what the judge was saying. When the judge said there's not probable cause here. We heard in linsey's report about the acceleration. And there was no signs of braking. What other evidence -- That's the most important piece of evidence against her is the fact that she apparently didn't brake. Because the question would be, why not? If you're in the middle of a fight and having your hair pulled who knows what can happen? There may be over evidence. They'll look to the victim's diaries and records and friends and family to say, was there anything going on between the two of them which could have led the sister who is now charged to want to kill her? I still think the idea of getting an intentional murder charge here is going to be a very, very tough thing. We'll see what happens. Thank you, Dan. Good thing you were not on the grand jury. Yes, it is. I would not have indicted. Thank you. We move Ohio, where protests erupted after a judge

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Alexandria Duval was arrested in New York after prosecutors argue that she intentionally drove her SUV off a cliff in Hawaii to kill her sister.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43520462","title":"Yoga Instructor Arrested for Twin Sister's Murder","url":"/GMA/video/yoga-instructor-arrested-twin-sisters-murder-43520462"}