Young fan reacts to Justin Timberlake Super Bowl selfie

Ryan, a 13-year-old New England Patriots fan, tells "GMA" how he became the breakout star of this year's Super Bowl.
2:49 | 02/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Young fan reacts to Justin Timberlake Super Bowl selfie
They did it as classy a way as you could do it. You ne what was classy? That selfie. It created a breakout star. 13-year-old vine joining us now. Ryan, how are you, my friend? Did you ne what happened in the second half of the game because you were getting a lot of attention after that moment with Justin Timberlake? I know. It was crazy. I didn't know. All the media just rushed me. It was crazy. So I have a question. What was going through your mind when Justin started coming -- did you know he was going to be in the audience? When he stopped next to you, what was going through your mind? Didn't do know. The lady -- a super bowl half time lady say, we were in a special section. He just came up. I just pd right in there with him. He stopped right in our row. It was perfect. Did you have nerves? Did you think you might not be able to hit the button? Oh, yeah. Soy had a video going. My phone shut off. And -- that's why I was on my phone. I love him. Because he's my favorite singer. I had to get the selfie with him. Seems like he loves you, too. You were talking about 40, 50 calls. Tell us about that. What with people calling you and saying? Yeah, like, right after, immediately right after, my phone just exploded. Last night, like, I got 8,000 followers. I have 8,000 more followers on my Snapchat. Ryan, did you go to sleep last night? No, I went to sleep at like 2:00. I had to get up at like 5:00. Oh. Ryan, you're wearing the patriots Tom Brady shirt right there. I know they didn't win the game. Was it worth it to still go and T be a part of the super bowl? Because you had a winning moment yourself? It was definitely a great opportunity. This is insane. This is crazy I got to get a picture with him. He's awesome. Ryan, how are you going to stay humble at school today? I was just going to say that. Ryan? George asked how are you going stay humble at school with all this attention? I know. It's crazy. Everyone thinks like it's so cool and stuff. Everyone is taking me. I'm so jealous. This is crazy. I can't believe you're going to be on "Gma" and stuff. Well, I'll tell you what. Not just your friends that are jealous. I'm jealous, too. What a moment. And you know, congratulations on your 8,000 new followers. And also on all those likes I'm sure you're giting on the selfie picture, young man. Good luck to the patriots next year, as well. Yeah. Thank you, Ryan. Take care. He's still in a little bit of shock. Yeah, he is.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Ryan, a 13-year-old New England Patriots fan, tells \"GMA\" how he became the breakout star of this year's Super Bowl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52843996","title":"Young fan reacts to Justin Timberlake Super Bowl selfie ","url":"/GMA/video/young-fan-reacts-justin-timberlake-super-bowl-selfie-52843996"}