YouTube star Karina Garcia shares slime-making tips live on 'GMA'

The internet sensation and DIY expert also opens up about her inspirational rise to YouTube stardom.
5:32 | 07/07/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube star Karina Garcia shares slime-making tips live on 'GMA'
internet's reigning slime queen, you are a legend to my daughter. Yes. And mine. Karina Garcia, everybody. She is the YouTube superstar who helped make slime one of the hottest trends of the year. Great, right? She's going to show us all her slime secrets but look at her story. Slime is the hottest thing to hit the internet. You can twist it, you can pull it, you can poke it. And DIY videos are popping up all over YouTube but Karina Garcia is the reigning slime queen. Welcome back. Reporter: Edible slime, fluffy slime. Crunchy slime, 100 pounds of slime. Even oreo slime. There it is. Reporter: 23-year-old Karina has mastered them all. This is absolutely gorgeous. Reporter: In just two years Karina amassing over 700 million views on her YouTube chapel and a six-figure salary but she hasn't always been a slime star. Born in L.A., a first generation mexican-american, her family of five growing up in three-bedroom mobile home. Later earning money as a waitress to make ends meet but then in 2015 on advice from her sister, her YouTube channel was born changing her life forever. Hello, you guys. Welcome to my channel and my first video. Reporter: Now creme has a successful slime empire. But what she is most proud of giving her parents the ability to retire buying her whole family a six-bedroom house in Riverside, California, and taking her business to new heights. It really is an incredible story. Karina, so happy you came all the way here to be with us this morning. Thank you very much. I'm so happy to be here. We mentioned my daughter when I told her you were going to be on the show she started jumping up and down that is so raise. The whole concept of slime. How did you get into this. I know it's pretty weird when you think about it. So when I first started there was only a future trials on YouTube and it was how to make basic slime so I wanted to just do my twist on it, add a bunch of stuff to it and started experimenting and it just took off from there and started doing different type, I guess. We have them all my house. Your mos popular video has 25 million hits. What do you think it is about your message and about these videos that is so popular. I think they're so satisfying to look at. You just want to jump in the screen and grab it. Slime is just oddly satisfying. It's stress relieving. I'm going to be 23 years old and make slime. If you have not made it before, yeah, it's really fun to play with. Genuinely I'm serious, it is, yeah. Speaking of paying off you were able to buy your family a home at the age of 23. Yes. Congratulations. From slime. Did you ever have imagined that when you first started. Never, no, of course not. Like never in a million years. I feel like really it feels surreal. I'm so excited about it and so gre grateful. I would have never expected this but I'm so grateful I'm able to accomplish that. Lots of good things happening. You want to share your new project. Yeah, so I'm working on exciting stuff coming out with my second book this year. Is a book about slime. No, I actually just came out with a book on slime. Karina Garcia's DIY slime. I'm doing something else but -- DI yichlt-related. Yeah, I'll say that. DIY reeled and going on tour that's going to be really exciting. On your tour will you do like make slime. Yes. We got a preview here. Let's do it. I love watching these girls. Thank you so much. This is the first slime we're making. Tell me what this is. So, that's basically just basic slime. All it is is some glue with detergent and that's all it is with some food coloring and that's basic as it gets. Do you use -- my daughter is always asking me to get contact solution. There's different recipes. That's one of them. This one is Der gent. Then you put -- Those are pom-poms to get different textures. How does that feel, girls? You can dump it in there. Just play with it. It's a cool texture. Slimy. It's stress relieving and you have a lot of stress in your life. You have your moment with the pom-poms, I'd like to move on to the very special clear slime. Yeah. What is it about clear slime. Clear slime is just clear glue that's literally the only difference and also you don't use detergent, you use baking soda and contact lens solution to -- so it won't get foggy with the detergent then you could add in add-in, some glitter, gems and it's likea pretty sparkly fun. Oh, wow. This one has gemstones in it. I love that. Really is fun to touch. I know. Yeah, it's really messy but so fun to play with. Yes, it's really messy. This is a vat I want to jump in. A different consistency. It's fluffy. I kind of want to eat it which I Poe we don't want to do. This is fluffy slime. You add shaving cream so once you add that it triples in size and is like a big fat cloud. Give us your review. It feels really cool. So fluffy, right. Basically it's like a cloud. It's like a -- Yes, dive nothing a cloud. Yeah, it's crazy. Let me tell you, you are a rock star. Thank you. In the slime world. Thank you so much. More coming. I understand. Yeah. Congratulations to you. Thank you so much. Thank you for taking care of your family. Great inspiration to our kids. For the recipes you can go to on Yahoo. If I can ever get this off my hands.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The internet sensation and DIY expert also opens up about her inspirational rise to YouTube stardom. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48488647","title":"YouTube star Karina Garcia shares slime-making tips live on 'GMA' ","url":"/GMA/video/youtube-star-karina-garcia-shares-slime-making-tips-48488647"}