Potato Salad Kickstarter Goes Global

Zach "Danger" Brown has received over $35,000 on Kickstarter after starting a campaign to raise $10 to make potato salad.
3:01 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for Potato Salad Kickstarter Goes Global
? everybody talk everybody talks ? Back now with the goal to make a classic American side dish thatas totally gotten out of control. Zach "Danger" brown started -- I love that, danger brown. Talking about cooking potato salad. But he started -- kick tar -- started a campaign. His request for backing has gone global and he joins us live right now. Good morning, Zach. Come on out, Zach. Danger. Whoo! You started this kick starter campaign and now you're up to $35,000. Yeah. Are you surprised by the outreach? Not at all. Of course. Yeah, it's Blanck. I could have never imagined that -- I think I thought at day one we had $200 and I thought that was way too much money. I was overwhelmed at the idea of making $200 worth of potato salad. So $35,000, it's just -- Probably by the end of the segment it will be more. A list of all the countries that contributed, Israel, Belgium, Netherlands, like the world cup right there. But I heard about it yesterday. This is crazy. This is crazy, yeah. Keep making potato salad? Well, I haven't made any potato salad yet. Even though -- I never made potato salad. Is this where the name danger comes from? I have never made -- I'm pretty risk averse so I thought I'll go to kickstarter and ask $10 to make potato salad -- the rest is history. What are you going to do with all this money? I want to do the most good I can do with this. Kickstarter has a terms of service that prohibit giving money directly to charities but I've asked people on Twitter and want to ask people here today, just how we can take this moment, this campaign and this money and do the most good with it. Oh, great. Fantastic in that's great. Feel so much better about. That. I do too. But the ultimate question, will you ever make potato salad? Oh, absolutely. Yes. So there will be a batch. I still need to do it. It would be crazy if I never made potato salad. Do you know what the recipe is going to be. We've had recipes pouring in. I don't know how we'll figure that out but I think we have to do some voting system and find a way to find the best recipe for potato salad. Do you have to send some of that potato salad to some of those countries. We've offered a bite to anybody who gave at least $3 and the way we'll handle that, we're having a giant party in Columbus, Ohio. The entire internet is invited. You know what -- You can come too in danger, danger, danger. I'll tackle you there.

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{"duration":"3:01","description":"Zach \"Danger\" Brown has received over $35,000 on Kickstarter after starting a campaign to raise $10 to make potato salad.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24464503","title":"Potato Salad Kickstarter Goes Global","url":"/GMA/video/zach-danger-browns-potato-salad-kickstarter-global-24464503"}