10% Happier Road Trip: Guided Meditation Session With Tempe Police

ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren lead officers through a meditation session.
11:03 | 01/30/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Guided Meditation Session With Tempe Police
Sitting in a chair is just perfect unity in other ideas he want to have your back straight. And you can imagine your inhaling your kind of lift up the spine a little bit helps keep you alert it's not about being totally relax but being alert and ready as well as relaxed the same time. So you can on the eyes close economic half mast to sort of look at him funny you. We'll start by AK taken inhale construction of the spine finding this alertness. And in the exhale is the downward motion of this or relaxing a little bit softening in the face and a shoulders and hands. When yourself sink down to the chair feel my feet on the ground. So we start by way we choose helping to dedicate her attention to to concentrate on. And a good object to focus is the breasts one knot they've been doing for about 2000 years in India. So it's got a good precedent. And so the idea is a year adjusts. Gonna feel so you Fiona when it comes into the nose field as it goes into the belly. And feel and on the way. And it's sort of like if there's only so much we'll stating your mind you're trying to put more the real statins are noticing a feeling of breathing. And it's a concentration thing it's hard to do. Your mind wanders bring about. And by the way some people don't like work with the press so much it doesn't have to be a breath. You work with a feeling your hands. Of the human contact with the earth. Ideas once you choose. And something to pay attention do you just caught totally commit to it in light of Cameron just. Spent keep my attention trained on the spot and its hearts that's the muscle group were building. As the step that staying power. So there's another skill or build an opt not skill as. This ability. To discern. Get a better resolution on the experience to discern the details to be clear about what's happening. So I think Avery then. Notices the breast sort of smooth as it ragged. Water its edges. Where's the center of the sensation. And he might as you do this notice there's other stuff around it might be tension here Holden. I'd be you know stress and shoulders in that. So I am okay I'm certainly get a better resolution what's happened and here. Stay with the breath but you're here awareness starts to increase. That includes the awareness of all the distractions. And here on sometimes your own thought tracked me make analysts. Just let that be in the background. We're about to breath. Takes concentration that builds concentration. So the next skills that when a mini. And that's I think if this is like a lack of up tightness. So noticed an idea you know intense summer coming up tight and you know ideas judgments about it tension. In this case seen if you notice that and how Politico. Economies opening to experience some kind of maturity it's an area everything that's happening right now is welcome. The distractions. And other sounds from around. In knowing dots. Let's all welcome. You come back to breath but here have this background welcoming quality. Not trying to make giving purpose is about controlling your experience. Then we can even deepen that. With one miles quality is this from in this quality. And it's really just that the quality of trying to enjoy the experience. Sometimes you can Israel Sturm equality mean said flight routes to us to just eat your vegetables. The scene and he kind of enjoy this opportunity to breeze. Do this one simple thing. And joined the in the body that's strong healthy bodies. Having that attitude really changes the whole. Course the meditation to make it a lot easier more relaxing. So be noticed here tunnels off thinking. He just noticed that happening oh yeah okay. A school we recognize that you feel a little bit of satisfaction of coming back into presence into awareness and re commit to the breath to the Phelan a breath. Commentator. And nose and ears for road into the belly. The lower you put your attention and your body and the breath and more grounding them meditation can be. More settling. The moment I'm moment re committing to that. Press fill them up that muscle. But doing it in this atmosphere of easy going us. Train up this from in this openness. Some practice for constantly looking and seeing if were were we up tight where we hold intention of coming. Just kind of smile let that go and go back into the feeling in the breath. The more you can do that letting go move the more you can reset. Reset really coming into the moment reset. Every time you let go you reset. And immoral we commit the breath Marley concert aren't the more we get a chance for everything else to sort of settle all around. Take can take a while we're patient. Mature. Acknowledgment or in this process. Just one more minute. Really. CNN how fully can commit to them for us how concentrated to get on the sensation. All the while. Letting anything else be in the background having an easy donuts about it. Included in your own thinking process which might be hijack and everything. You just have since a humor about it. Then you're ready you can. Solely of theorizing. I'm re enter the stream Maria. Conversation.

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{"duration":"11:03","description":"ABC News' Dan Harris and meditation teacher Jeff Warren lead officers through a meditation session. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"45149826","title":"10% Happier Road Trip: Guided Meditation Session With Tempe Police ","url":"/Health/video/10-happier-road-trip-guided-meditation-session-tempe-45149826"}