10% Happier Road Trip: Morning Radio Show Host Elvis Duran

ABC News anchor Dan Harris' "10% Happier" cross-country meditation tour visits the "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" studios in New York City.
10:20 | 01/23/17

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Transcript for 10% Happier Road Trip: Morning Radio Show Host Elvis Duran
Dan Harris this chip Warren it's day two. One of the perhaps the most ill advised things I've ever done. A twelve day cross country 10% happier meditation or at least Stevie backdrop but important that we tape where we are. If we're at studios for Elvis Duran and the morning show Z 100. He faced and New York City that day he broadcasts. All over the country and the world he's basically the number one. Morning top forty decades there is and he and I became friends that we years ago. When I wrote a book called numbers and happier about. I became imitator and in the years as ever the book which Elvis really help me promote. I've noticed that a lot of people or interest in meditation but they're not doing it. So that that that is black workers. Jeffery here who's way I want my favorite meditation teachers in the world and we're traveling around the country. Meeting people who were sitting meditation but they're not doing it and we're trying to get into the hooded figure out. How can we unblock them and we're gonna take all this and we're gonna beat that he's temperament here you can see it's Eddie Mair and NATO's threat. Alison we talk to you yesterday we're talking about you and I'll ask you are very York. And can't keep its key to hazy and that and not just brought up positive adjectives that relies ABC news that possible high. This is number went up. Horry. Forty radio host in the university. It's of its allies are not know it's not anywhere close. I the great piece yes. Balloon little bit of stress level wanted to comment to. That's that's low no let's hide from over it's very stressful committed to. I think that's it that that's. If my life is like. To these great everything is correct I mean look what we do for a living. We're stressed doing this for a living then there's a problem. The sit there we're talking severe vote. And you sit there at at your desk which we want to have you show us like. And you are seeing texture here users in real time vehicle commenting. On the quality of leadership or lack of quality right. So isn't that stressful at your head if people are not Jack went what you're talking about. Has these are threats you know we got heated by those are individuals mainly at any given time in a ten million people listening to people don't like over saying. I can't let that ruin my day. Well but does it you notice that I do knows but it doesn't use you learn. A throw enough not to let him know I can't community that recently agreed to two drops or falling from the sky doesn't mean room. Like Brett let me get baseline is that constant vigilance in the kind of cop always W where it was happening you know getting into an urban area is gonna keep things in these items on that doesn't feel against us. Then that don't know I think it is very good for our regional on the air is probably the least stressful. Hours Hillary. It's it's it's anything goes in there you see murderers on your mind basically. And you can take it down whatever road you'll take it down it's just very freeing actually. I think every time I listen to show or up on the show. And cliche I feel the love you guys really like each other and it's funny there you haven't of the time it is that manufactured or him by mighty Carano embryo we really truly love each other. I mean we see each other more than we see are families. So when we're sort of forced to either hate or love you so we Jews look yet into whether it would be days before our hostage video there are many shows that are like that I I have friends in this business who happen to sit across from someone perform today and pretending to like them and a that would not through us and I would never wanna go there so no never do. Seek you know we're doing is meant is like many Asian tour and so we'll talk with actress and went to use their meditating while. I sort of meditating probably a about fifteen years ago. And funny enough I was in Santa Fe, New Mexico where a lot of people meditate. There is a very very uninteresting ballistic slash. Clinical feeling. The streets is an affair and it's very very mystical and magical place for many reasons. And a friend of mine who live their minute to minute exit here here's a book. Believe or not I think it was meditation for dummies they something that simple. And I circuit reading it and I went to another book collecting the four minute meditation or something that workers are read it started managing. What is he was all about that I saw results in our friends like I'm thinking wool what kind of results achieved. And I watched it work. In its interest of investing in for security and you see you fallen off the wagon at times but now you're here you're doing it again absolutely. And what is it you'd can you describe your medication. Well it depends on what time they wary if it. Takes on its preferences. Getting up early morning all customers so it's nice boy. I do five. Record aside and just. I can think of Apple's first thought of the day what I'm doing a look at my calendar. In them for five minutes I forget everything. And this just letting go and ask what place or can sometimes vanity afternoons when I leave here we go go home election like all them. Because I feel this love for him and I know he loves me and it's a vice positive. Place. I think this probably his most peaceful moments of this. So it can take form different places different ways and your facts the reason you keep doing it out gainers acting. Many different ways ways I never ever thought I would. Notice for instance just walking down the street in New York City street can be a billion different things to focus on. I find missile focusing on more things and looking at them and noticing. The way here cars parked are noticing a way of persons walking over. And two or looks interesting because who would work is interesting and I'm come unbecoming mindful of physical things. In addition to things that are in line to your moral weight for your. Actual life instead of walking around. Absolutely. Yes and I do believe in the through meditation. I will I would rather look at a building in horse constructed in stop and think about how high. And that was for eating French Fries right you know program and so that in being mindful of the physical helping me. Control. Adam that voice in my head as your eyes to reality reserved for internal nightmares news world. Exactly party world in connection with. Where business is what a relief to view that it is it's great eternal weighs in side. But then what I want the voice inside city. Good positive thing defeated that yet if I wanted to regurgitate positively undisputed positively I tell myself you're actually a good guy. You actually Elvis art you know. You're you're doing things to help people you are being totally makes me wanna help more would be nicer it really. It would really thought assistant city seems out yet but people major weird news. Walking down the street. I think I have a good guy I look good. Pat pat pat and I look at you like you're here. We're all a little weird are there any chance he. What you think the biggest obstacle treatment. Is keeping history alive is it staying as did what consumers I mean I. I'll go today. Without minute details bio. I stop and think about it. Like it definitely Callender. The days might not notice the day's neglect. Meditation are the days are pleased we're stressful. If we put designed for personal. Five minute and what we view wanted to vote what would mean how we help you your game. Because. And meditated so many different ways at different times what guided. By extending that time. Just give me a dog. Jimmy adult and guided meditation to me is. The difference. If I had someone saying you know. The simple walking through forest you feel believes eaten Uighurs the stream here the birds. Dozer to me that's a wonderful relaxing guided it. Or be guided meditation where you actually are thinking about leaves and forest. Treason things you actually your thinking about colors and mine and rainbows your eyes close things like that that's different do you like us. Yeah but like I'd I don't wanna do the same everyday I collect it's quite an argument nothing. Million Q&A what is it here she felt you're dominant lap and you and you back in action I mean it's a lot of people there who have and who have passed. Stupid who are there has already coming out on the net and your Valentine it is actually made that part meditation. It was very deliberate and just let it vehemently relaxing and doing that connection thing clear right that would be beautiful. The army do. I do that area and in particular deliberately power Fuller and any stretch and maybe I don't know how long he could. Stay on my lap we're making himself and is today I can go fight as yet interview Gil like look at him. He chose to be sure what happened here is is it okay I'm but it's always a good time. We write our own rules here Dan like you and ABC news names outlaw human right is his. Oh and while out and shows this. Hi guys. I don't TV don't saving America. Word on the Internet that's OK. But what you have to be back on the air attacks in 27 that he's here for a reason we normally are on the or you know. Anything that's what makes yes yeah. He's where world multnomah the the senate on this let him tell me what I think it's hasn't growth does it work. He is not talk about what you talked about with Dan here. Per.

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{"duration":"10:20","description":"ABC News anchor Dan Harris' \"10% Happier\" cross-country meditation tour visits the \"Elvis Duran and the Morning Show\" studios in New York City. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"44991012","title":"10% Happier Road Trip: Morning Radio Show Host Elvis Duran ","url":"/Health/video/10-happier-tour-elvis-duran-44991012"}