6-Year-Old Girl's Death Possibly Linked to Tick Bite

Emilee Russell contracted a bacterial disease after being bitten by a tick in Texas.
1:49 | 06/14/13

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Transcript for 6-Year-Old Girl's Death Possibly Linked to Tick Bite
It was an -- Black Mountain primary school should be where you're just getting started. Kindergarten teacher Ashley Stiles speaks at the playground this is the best memories that I have of miss Italy. Where she was happy in. Smiling. Would sit over there on that little red beans and just take -- -- in and enjoy it. -- hard to think that she's -- She pictures and -- Russell through a prism of two years so many smiles here and on Wednesday I kept screaming now. Word that the six year old passed away because it's so. -- -- Emily died of rocky mountain spotted fever she became gravely ill after being bitten by a take on Memorial Day. While visiting family in Texas I never expected her not to come home. Her -- as a Black Mountain battalion chief Emily often running around the fire station with a twin brother Charlie. Chief Steve Jones feeling that loss. Just him. That pretty little smile. -- -- is looking to invest -- on this. Breaker or. So many hearts. Broken now we gave her an award at the end of the year called the heart of gold award at the -- more -- played her teacher -- -- the big heart in that tiny body. It just me I hope family's memory is a reminder. I definitely want people to be more aware. And what a small tick -- can do. An empty playground feels so much -- here now because death is the last thing you'd expect for a girl with so much life. Her most exciting thing. At the end of the school year was that she had just lost a --

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{"id":19403968,"title":"6-Year-Old Girl's Death Possibly Linked to Tick Bite","duration":"1:49","description":"Emilee Russell contracted a bacterial disease after being bitten by a tick in Texas.","url":"/Health/video/6-year-old-girls-death-possibly-linked-to-tick-bite-19403968","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}