ABC News Live Update: Dr. Anthony Fauci receives Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, a former reporter opens up to Elle magazine about her relationship with “Pharma Boy” Martin Shkreli, and a teacher takes a second job to ensure her students have gifts for Christmas.
13:27 | 12/22/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Dr. Anthony Fauci receives Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana say no thanks for streaming with us in today's update doctor Anthony vouching just received his first dose of the cold and nineteen vaccine. Factor fashion the nation's top infectious disease expert got his first shot abdomen bear no vaccine. That vaccine would authorize last week it was developed with help from the national institute of health. Productive actually works. And acting rollout comes as concern is growing over a new variant of the virus discovered in the UK. You really need to assume that it's here already it may not and certainly is not the dominant strains. But I would not be surprised at all if it is already here. A forty countries have now banned travel to and from the UK but that does not include the US. A record 1151000. Americans are currently hospitalized with virus. An overnight congress officially passed a 900 billion dollar relief package. The Coleman ninety relief bill includes a direct payments 600 dollars for Americans making up to 75000 dollars a year. 300 dollars in federal unemployment benefits and 300 billion dollars for the small business loans program. President trump is expected to sign the bill later this week. And just 72 days after LeBron and the lakers won the NBA title a new season is already tipping off. This time the NBA is ditching the bubble and teams won't play on their home courts. NBA commissioner Adam silver tells ABC news the league is taking their lead from baseball and football. Both of which traveled and held games on their home field. We learned a lot from both leagues particularly around testing protocol the testing is designed so that we do. Happy positive case that players can quickly be isolated from his teammates to avoid constant what will be terrible management and spread among the entire. But NBA fans will still have to watch the games from home now in person attendance will be allowed. Comedian John Bellini has reportedly checked himself into rehab for alcohol and cocaine abuse after battling addiction for decades. So range shot has more on the actor struggled during the pandemic. He's gone Elaine Dodd here watching and hungry not for alcohol and cocaine addiction according to the New York Post. Which reports Bellini in rolled in his sixty day treatment plant the comedian has been coping with his addictions struggles including it is comedy. I used to drink. And then I drink too much and I had to stop that surprises a lot of audiences because I don't look like someone. You used to do anything. Kelly as fiery between nineteen that he began drinking at the young age of thirteen saying I drank for attention I was really outgoing. And then at twelve I wasn't I didn't know how to act. And that I was drinking and I was delirious again please welcome John Molly me earlier this month Bellini appearing on Jimmy Kimmel opening up about how the pandemic had to struggle. And how he went to fellow comedian Seth Meyers for a job to provide structure in his life. I really needed age. He said Cindy without external structure I don't have any confidence you driving now. Addiction expert Cristina Dougherty want to laugh who does not treat Bellini says she's seen many people struggling with relapsed during this time. What makes edit still especially heart or people who are action. Be greater medication. Or addiction its connection and community. Add to beat cam Deb Mack and a shelter had claimed I escalation is cutting people are very medication. Shaved their lives. Our expert says react Indies so powerful especially right now because people who go can compensate sleep eat together in groups. I have the type of connection they need to recover. And we should note Delanie himself has not responded to our quest for comment. Soaring shocked ABC news Los Angeles. So green thank you really hoping he's okay and now to the former Bloomberg reporter opening up to L magazine about her relationship. With Martin's school Elliott better known as the farm and grow. Christie smythe says she went from covering his trial to upending her entire life for him leaving her husband her home even her job. He's best known as the farmer Breaux the man who in 2015 raised the price of a life saving drug nearly 5000%. I really cared about people and then into when he seventeen Martin's Grilli was found guilty in an unrelated fraud case. Live streaming through the verdict with a beer in hand. Later sentenced to seven years in prison. I'm. One other is New Yorkers there isn't. This after today's. Some say okay now or reporter who covered his trial is speaking out. Telling Elle Magazine she saw a different side huge rally and fell in love. Christie smythe was happily married when she started covering Martin's Crowley for Bloomberg News. She just. She was. Incredibly Smart loved to talk about literature. Our. Station while she started visiting Scully in prison. Within a few months she left her husband and her job. I told Martin I love Tim's my three calls and he told me he loved to me to. There are plans. Are but. I need a net. When present and you are not so. Smyth says those future plans also included one day starting a family she. When Aaron white light outside and when united when he center. CN I'd be on hand. But since she went public's Crowley has cut off all contact with Smyth telling Ellen a statement. Mister Skelly wishes ms. smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors she didn't get out historian who in her arms and ends. And she just passed a lie her personal life. She thinks that in the mask our intent and snipes says she still. Holding out hope. Telling Jia made a statement I know I did things that are controversial and that many people would not agree with I followed my heart though and ultimately I don't have regrets. He is a person who can and I believe we'll do amazing thing is if he has an opportunity to redeem himself. And. As of yesterday's Grilli still hadn't contacted Smyth she tells the New York Post she's open to dating other men but still hopes they can have a future together. Once he's released from prison. I'm much lighter note it isn't just Stanton making children's Christmas wishes come true this year a preschool director in Indianapolis decided to work a second job. With the mission of buying her students' gifts Friday Dixon joins us now from war on how she is spreading joy. This holiday season Rene good morning thanks for being here. -- Harry you I'm great thank an even better anatomy chatting with news so did his unit came in all of our analyst driver. To make some extra cash just a bison Christmas gives for all fifty of your students what made you decide to do this. And optional for years and this year was the hardest year Elber because cult. And a lot of my parents. How are in. Songs albeit they won't have. I was unhappy Chris prince Michael search out. The last I bet you didn't. In air time I make a hundred dollars. Retired Bible economy trip to Dallas ankle I won't get so it's you start accumulating. Now until Krista Z. I want to make sure I still say yes and base it. Now I know that. First of all we should we should we should. I assure reiterate what you just said not only did you buy these gifts for your students but also to make sure their siblings also had gifts as well. The level of thoughtful news here is and lists and I know that many of your students parents are also essential workers how amazing men struggled throughout this pandemic. At heart. He's blouse over half or asked. Because there and isn't our parents and paid more. Dalton. When they told me they couldn't back for its apple Christmas. And I got it. No it wasn't no I was like okay. And perhaps Chris spreads who would be Chris. And floor you get so. Our parents and then it parent. Present you'd expect. You know you say I gotta do what I gotta do what you didn't have to do any of this assist in that you chose to do what an amazing impact your having. How much money have you raised today. Well right now. It is. I'm really not act soon you know. It's seated this issue alone what do away in the big deal. I want to do this this is. People IND. I've had family members died whole. Some nights you as a net and remembers got old real estate it would cold reading this has been eighty. Horrible year for. Me it's Ed they had Null. And what is going on in the world. Little beetle hole in their hearts. Eight who wouldn't do. Now you're saying anyone can do this but not everybody does in UN out and you did this now rumors saying that they planned to match the money you have earned to date. And donate that to help your students as well what does it mean to you. To know that all the work that you did is now gonna go twice as far. Good. In. All in the hope that it. I'm not scammer. It's come from my heart because that it once and me. I just handle passengers are. And he read about Ali also used it yet unduly. And while it is second quarters the lights. And it started from there it now is your. Well I didn't know also. In an early childhood educator. We are the last wants to be I don't know. Who matters little high school is how it's professors. Is always thought about. But no one hour is about Earl at a news stations it is. Real proud of front lies with film of this came in we are here. When their parents have to go to work. We are one lucky ones senators they're still open a lot of nets closed because they also mean it's you. Me is its name is a whale that is Max property crystals. This is going all this is what I do throughout the year. Chris is ultra rich okay whiskers come in the bolts in the hats big thing the eight. My children how to much of what always neat me. Is so that cameras not all here whatever new year I do it by Allison and say hello hi hi hi. This much is supposed to do. Well I know you're talking about how that teachers and older children and even adults tend to get more appreciation but I can tell you at the mother the two year old myself I personally. Appreciate everything you're doing in your line of work including the attention are receiving shows at the whole country. Really is resonating with this not all heroes Wear capes and you ma'am are a hero today so thank you so much. For what you're doing both for your kids and for what your story will do around the country not only for our other children as well but for teachers just like you thank you. You best of luck to you and thank you for your time today in for sharing your story with us. Interest rates it's active duty. And that doesn't it for this ABC news live update look better note to end then that I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. House evacuees 3 PM eastern with Keira Phillips. For the breakdown stay safe everything.

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{"duration":"13:27","description":"Plus, a former reporter opens up to Elle magazine about her relationship with “Pharma Boy” Martin Shkreli, and a teacher takes a second job to ensure her students have gifts for Christmas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74864212","title":"ABC News Live Update: Dr. Anthony Fauci receives Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine","url":"/Health/video/abc-news-live-update-dr-anthony-fauci-receives-74864212"}