More answers to your COVID-19 questions

ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton discusses face masks, sanitizing your products and produce, and how telemedicine works.
5:21 | 03/26/20

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Transcript for More answers to your COVID-19 questions
And we're joined now by doctor Jan Ashton who has even more answers to some of your great questions we've been receiving about the cove in nineteen virus. To doctor Jan we'll start with the first one. Given the shortage I'm conflicted about masks we've been told only to Wear one if you're coughing or feeling ill. Should we all be wearing masks if we go outside. Well according to the CDC Amy the answer is no. If they were to change that guideline for the average American I will be the first to shout the news. But really those masks are critically needed in hospital settings to protect health care workers and the regular surgical masks of course. Are put on people who are actively sick coughing and sneezing and if you're feeling concerned I've seen people where Bandana as you scars and just try to find a way to keep their. There of mouth protected Al would you suggest doing that. Room. Well the CDC actually said that its health care workers can find masks that a Bandana or a scarf is better than nothing so I think we're in unchartered territory here. And so we'll see what what they suggest OPEC Perry will launch in the next question does the test for coded nineteen. Only test positive for the active viral disease or can it also test positive if you have had the virus. And you have developed the and to bodies. Great question and the answer is the one that's going around rate now the test that is in circulation only checks. For active infection however. Hopefully very very soon in the next couple of weeks maybe even. The FDA will approve this neurology tested that's to look for antibodies so we know. Who has been exposed and do they have immunity but again sometimes it takes awhile for our bodies to develop those antibodies after we've had a viral infection so. There's still a lot we don't know but felt that test will be so important and yes it certainly well. This next question is one I've asked myself. Should use sanitize the handles of the bags of groceries supplies. Or the food you had delivered I'm even saying you know the food he picked up at the grocery store. Well listen there is no question that it's it food handler or the delivery person. Is sick and eight touch your bag and you touched the bag and then touch your face yes you can get sick so. You don't need to release sanitize the bad but as soon as you bring anything into your home or whether it's something that's delivered or something that you purchase. Wash your hands we can't say that enough it's really important archive and our next question with many of us being self quarantine without a test. How accurate are the numbers being reported of who may or may not have the virus. Not that accurate and we've been saying from the beginning you know that this case count is only as good as the denominator so we need to know how many people have been exposed how many are infected and an auditor do that we need to test millions and millions of people were not there yet so we have to take these numbers with a grain of salt knowing that they are likely. Considerably. Higher and we also have to look for the number recovered. Which is difficult to report because we don't know how many people have been truly infected now I mean in so many people are sick for a number of reasons that's just it you know a typical day in March to this next questions pretty interesting because they ask. Hottest telemedicine work and what are the best sites or apps to use. With telemedicine is seeing a massive boom right now and I think it couldn't have come at a better time because a lot of times. Patients are people can interact with their health care provider even one that they might not know. Previously and a lot can be determined with a telemedicine console or just a street phone calls so ask your provider if you have one whether they're shifting to telemedicine because a lot of the insurance requirements. And regulations have been waves in the setting of this national emergency. And if you don't have a provider a lot of the major medical centers have this on their site so that patients. Who think they may be sick either with cold it nineteen or with anything else that normally happens on a daily basis. Can interact with a health care professional now that certainly keeps things much much much safer. Our our next question this is interesting although it is not thought that pets can transmit the virus. Is it possible for the virus to transfer from human to human on the animals spur through pending. Great question it we don't know yet because of course no one has discovered that it or even studied it but what they have reported in a couple of case reports. Is in pets whose owners have been sick with coat it's nineteen. That the pets have been found to have the corona virus in their nose and mouth and probably from picking it up via contact so. Of course you want to be careful we love our pets. But now is probably not the best time if you live with other people. To have your pet you know kissing you in the face or. You know being too close and again just wash those hands that's just when in doubt the best thing we can be doing right. Exactly I met a 100% doctor Jenn we appreciated as always thank you in a few of your questions for doctor Jan Ashton. You can send them to her on her ins to Graham at doctor.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"ABC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton discusses face masks, sanitizing your products and produce, and how telemedicine works.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69819172","title":"More answers to your COVID-19 questions","url":"/Health/video/answers-covid-19-questions-69819172"}