What is antibody testing and where to get a COVID-19 test

Antibody testing can determine if a person’s blood shows signs of COVID-19 exposure.
3:20 | 04/10/20

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Transcript for What is antibody testing and where to get a COVID-19 test
When you virus gets whatever. Your body immediately. Sends a signal he says wait a minute. I need to battle this and as the cornerstone in the front line battle against the virus is our bodies forming anti yeah. Want is for you to find out as an individual who did I have. The virus or less I exposed to the virus and did my immune system now two years. Do is okay oh my gosh I. And I and that's where this army of scientists and experts across the country got even talking. Are working on gathering those antibodies Tribune does this sort of a super donor somebody who was born again I'm Rebecca Helton. Neutralized or treat. You know the virus can really sick patients and another way is people who have antibodies listening you have antibodies from. Theoretically you could give this is somebody. Yes and as passive immunity to prevent somebody else from getting signs in. They're antibody test is basically looking at your bloodstream. It's a blood test and it finds out how is your body ever seen is there to test kind of right now. To those blood that gets sent to allowed are what we call a point of care test. Where you can even be a bigger break with a little bit of blood were solitude of blood put into a little cartridge. I like a pregnancy test or blood glucose tests. Yeah. You know I feat in an ideal world all the public health. Experts tell us that we should be doing both antibody and virus test at this time. Which is not in the situation room today we're just so limited. Source right now sort of dividing two girls checking for virus experts so much enough that. And then and new progressive were older and emerging world of checking. The more people can get an insulin test. And you can see the results to better idea of real note of how many people had. It. Our. Goal. Right now and they gatekeepers to the health department's some academics laces are doing anybody tests as they wanna try to use this antibodies. More sick patients so. There is a website called CC PT nineteen. Born and that's the convalescent hospital project and that's a conglomerate. And forty institutions across the country. Are trying to test for him to see if they can be used to help sick. Because this is such a new virus. We really don't know. Using antibodies. That you formed actually provide you community we have whole and we had history and we have science tells us that the union. But we don't know for sure.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Antibody testing can determine if a person’s blood shows signs of COVID-19 exposure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70096170","title":"What is antibody testing and where to get a COVID-19 test","url":"/Health/video/antibody-testing-covid-19-test-70096170"}