Married Cancer Researchers Both Diagnosed with Breast Cancer

Dr. Oliver Bogler and his wife, Dr. Irene Bogler, were diagnosed at the same age.
1:50 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for Married Cancer Researchers Both Diagnosed with Breast Cancer
Oliver -- and his wife Irene are both cancer researchers they -- market in. And they both were diagnosed with breast cancer which -- -- Vegas now. No you do I mean you wonder what are the what are the odds and and I think -- I think that's part of the reason that took me a longer term to really. You know decide to do it because -- -- -- -- -- -- Unlikely that it should happen twice to the same family. That's the same kind of breast cancer the same stage and they with the same age at diagnosis 46. I had six months of chemotherapy and then I had. Surgery had a mastectomy and then I had radiation. Irene whose -- -- in finding genes that cause breast cancer had almost reached her five year cancer free milestone. A few weeks before that. We had the news for Oliver. Because of Irene history it was very -- for me to. You know. Come out and say hey I think I have the same thing you you had you know -- very you know very unusual diagnosis and so I was really concerned about. Feeling stupid and then feeling. Who is but 1% of breast cancer does occur in men. And doctors say they shouldn't delay or feeling -- about checking out -- suspicious. By the time -- finishes and all the treatment is gonna go through this chemotherapy and surgery should have a very good prognosis similar to a woman with a stage two breast cancer. Doctor Butler has -- the same treatment iPad and this time sheet is by his -- I could have benefited. By having it checked. You know human -- -- Their roles have changed a patient and caregiver but they're facing his breast cancer just as well -- -- with dignity together. Christy Myers thirteen health --

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{"id":17812222,"title":"Married Cancer Researchers Both Diagnosed with Breast Cancer","duration":"1:50","description":"Dr. Oliver Bogler and his wife, Dr. Irene Bogler, were diagnosed at the same age.","url":"/Health/video/breast-cancer-diagnosis-married-cancer-researchers-houston-texas-17812222","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}