Brittany Maynard's Family Releases New Video In Support of Right To Die Legislation

Brittany Maynard's family released her right to die testimony for the California legislature in a new video.
6:32 | 03/25/15

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Transcript for Brittany Maynard's Family Releases New Video In Support of Right To Die Legislation
My name is bringing men aren't. And tiny nine years old and hand terminally ill. Unused 181014. To make great shock and ring I had brain cancer. Despite the efforts had a chance medicine make cancer is aggressive and currently without any care. I'm New Year's Day I was told Amy have a few years to live with it great to you Astros he tanner. This is a great shock to my family and I. Then post top from a January hanging out in low. May April and Manny showed significant enhancement. Indicated at a higher grade change. I was told they most likely had six months or so to rent. May in nineteen was very indicative of the great for nuclear Blackstone are based on MRI interpretations. And CDM four is the most dangerous form of brain cancer. And my world fell apart. I moved to Oregon shortly after it I can't rule from California because it is one of only five states. That to you authorize the patient. I am heartbroken that I had to leave behind me whom my Caminiti and my friends in California. But I am dying and I refuse to Lee's making it needy. Aaron if he sits at Jackson south and I camel tip purpose let's prolonged pain and suffering at the hands of an incurable disease. Death with dignity by authorize the medical practice at aid in dying. They get mentally competent terminally ill adults. He action's requests life ending medication that aching she used to inject it and tying process becomes unbearable. The freedom of this Haitian frank is chewing. This guy or can only four other states after eyes the medical practice and the evening tying. Washington Montana Vermont and New Mexico. Making aid in dying crying creeds and you hardships. And suffering for many people who are turning me down and suffering tremendously. It limits our options and deprives us of our ability to control how much pain nagging we injure a four week path. People have asked me whether I have explored the medical practice of palliative or terminal sedation. Some claim it is an equally sensible alternative. For patients his sentence cannot be control. The procedure involves tracking the patient into a common. Nutrition and fluids are than with how into the person's rights from TDs or dehydration. No Lincoln's house for not what happened. But each patient is different. And deserves the economy and freedom to make this most personal choice for and south. I can't imagine what that experience would be my. I may be minimally conscious still suffering and unable to new verse T. That terrifies me. Death with dignity is a much swifter and peacefully to paths. Logic motivates me it she's fit for myself and that. I refuse back procedure because I want to live fully and telling die. The rest of my body is young fit and retaining fluid. So I would like they hanging on for days or even weeks before I. I don't want that. Also on how is at the station usually requires hospitalization. I want to be chairman has been neither are we me and I. I want to leave this earth in my home. In the arms of my husband and my parents. I cannot change the fact that same time. But mainly the wind from counties that's correct spending time with family friends. And in the great outdoors. And I am preparing to experience the bounds it's possible back. What's keeping some control government acting it's scary important will. Knowing that I can leave this life. With kidney allows me to focus on living. It is providing me enormous peace of mind. Inevitability. At that is universal. So widespread support. An overwhelmingly positive response makes story represents our community is ready to have a new conversation. About to act. A decision about how high and 99 crash that should be acting me and I am me under a doctor's care. How dare that aren't any decisions aren't limit options for terminally ill people like me. Unfortunately California locked prevented me from getting and light option I desire. No one should have to leave their home and community for peace of mind to skate at offering and to plan different gentle path. For the vast majority of people that is not even a remote possibility because of the cost of men being. Inconvenience to camel and the timing seeks to change residents he added and doctors confirm eligibility. And entertainment each and this masked teens. Every one of acts will die. We should not have to suffer excruciating pain shame or a prolonged Stein cracks. The lots in California. And 45 other states must change to prevent prolonged involuntary suffering. For all terminally Americans. As elected officials you have the power to me that's happened. Please take action. Every terminally ill American deserves the treats to die with dignity. Left commitment began here. Now. Access to the streets lies in your hands. Freedom from prolonged pain and suffering is in most beastly human right. Please make factory dignity and American health care actually. Think he.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"Brittany Maynard's family released her right to die testimony for the California legislature in a new video.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"29904437","title":"Brittany Maynard's Family Releases New Video In Support of Right To Die Legislation","url":"/Health/video/brittany-maynards-family-releases-video-in-support-of-right-to-die-legislation-29904437"}