COVID-19 cases on the rise

Dr. John Brownstein breaks down the federal government’s response as cases surge.
5:07 | 10/20/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 cases on the rise
Offer more on the federal response to the surgeon a virus. Is doctor John Brownstein. To Dr. Brownstein thanks for being here prominent epidemiologist doctor Michael Oster home is saying that we're likely heading into. His words the darkest months of the pandemic now this morning doctor Todd Halloran told me he agreed with that. What do you think and what should people be doing to prepare especially meant the holidays cold weather and flu season. Yeah thanks. And unfortunately they are recent right many parts of the street just it's worse receiver you know now the mayor seeks. These are all normal operation and there are many places it was urged an. Absentee people are just. All this and that's about all be back next clearly just pushing the same things sent from the beating me. Limited indoor gathering some wearing social sensing. When people who know they need to deal. As the happy holidays it's all you know we're seeing you're really are members will chart its if you can. He's only been our public health officials. Of course if you are easy pandemic since you know you get people greater UCR and say Brown's speeches. Try to see sugar tree worker sports car you can continue to duties he peoples here posh as he is still tomorrow he's chartered knew how. These were measures in place which are Charles it only people. And when every talk about the pandemic getting worse and people obviously worry about their health and their lives but then they also worry about their livelihoods. So many people are out of work or their businesses are struggling. Is there a middle ground here can we get through the fall in the winter while still reopening the economy. Yeah this is its faults and the answer came you know among scientists is just miners blocked arsenal downs nobody wants a lock down nobody wants you the economy didn't shut down but the reality is needed a lot of tired of the summer to figure things out we're jennies search now we're trying to keep schools open so what we do we have. Have to be dangerous and we have to look at test positive view Jose's east and the decisions based on. Ash you know receives an agency weren't happy New York City we're micro targeting of responses are quite blanket entire siege dealing with the response well into their neighborhoods at how. Have to be injured beef while their hearts out she began to reopen clearly there's a pirates environments indoor dining. They close those solemnity challenging going forward until there's a real vaccine but generally businesses can do you know ten reopened safely mask wearing a social distancing received credible not preaching he he he's just this soaring and it should be able to get we can do their jobs you do this are sent him. And doctor Brownstein Terry Moran here I wonder. Yes so much of this has become political we've we've lived this pandemic with the divide. Right through our country as a public health. Britain cares about public health how to public health authorities get beyond that is there anything that we can do to get better results. Through last politicization of this pandemic. Well. It's a real challenge when you have an administration. That is classes are. I think. Science rights even happen advisors is the White House that are challenging masks weren't you know this is of the reasons we don't even deleted over the weekends a master work well that's. Real problem parents sources cited misinformation. If you're an administration that's not Christians aren't we know an hour reprieve picture of data to suggest they weren't you just how public how quick he's he's Indian bowl in the messaging your. And this is going to be even more challenging when the vaccine comes right where there's so many people in this country testing by how. Our nation that. Mr. Strauss in this new vaccine we need CDC just what message you need to counter misinformation. On social networks like me it she's challenged but it is something that he's he is resource it didn't. And a doctor Brownstein just a little while ago we heard that First Lady Milan in trump canceled her plans to travel with the president today. Citing a lingering cough it's been more than two weeks since she tested positive so. Is it concerning knowledge she still reporting a cough or is this to be expected. We'll. This isn't just your degree now it's unlikely that she still injections are subject to taxes clearly is you the results of those tests but we also know that long cold it is I think he didn't hear thousands of records people experiencing a sentence for weeks months and so this persistent isn't enough cops is something that he's seen incidents were exempt sort of our comfort First Lady. Personally it's pulled its misuse is she tension could you are you know beat you with another rest three parents and from that perspective regardless of what he's trying to symptoms she probably should you resting and then went to isolate yourself right now. I'll tell that she's taking that advice doctor Don Brownstein we appreciate your time as always thank you. Thank you of that has covered nineteen cases and Hoss position surge across the country health care systems are really feeling the pressure is Matt told us one nurse from salt.

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"Dr. John Brownstein breaks down the federal government’s response as cases surge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73722388","title":"COVID-19 cases on the rise ","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-cases-rise-73722388"}