Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola Identified As Nina Pham

Family members confirm I.D. of first person to contract Ebola in U.S. to ABC News affiliate WFAA.
7:13 | 10/13/14

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Transcript for Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola Identified As Nina Pham
Family members of that -- Confirm to our Dallas affiliate WFAA that the first person to contract a bullet in the United States. Is Nina fans. Partners working it -- presbyterian. I want to bring in. ABC's medical injury doctor mark -- -- to talk more about that news conference from the CDC there and that latest case doctor did not think preparing for being with us. What then you re getting out of that news conference what is the CDC going to be doing differently and a protocol and its recommendations. I think the main thing that we got out of the conference is that we're starting over. We are going to start over and -- the entire process of contact isolation. From the beginning looking at all the contacts really examining how this could have happened. I think the CDC in and the folks in Dallas are really taking -- good hard look in the -- how this could have happened. Despite them being so careful and so I think it's a hard look in the -- A hard look in the mayor also. A bit of a warning their coming from the CDC director -- in fact that there could be more cases coming out of Dallas he he said that he said he wouldn't be surprised. If they saw some additional cases of Ebola. And I think the thinking there is that. Look this woman and this nurse who was you know -- -- -- -- taking care of this evil patient doing everything correctly. You know we don't know how many people were on that team just yet but everybody thought she was doing everything correctly and if she is in -- it. You know the question becomes who else and we really haven't heard details about. How many people they're thinking about who else was there when they were there. What you know amount of contact they have a mr. Duncan. You know early in his course vs Lee in his course when he may have been more infectious a lot of unanswered questions that we'll hopefully hear some more info soon. What are the questions that was brought up in a news conference today is the difference between a protocol that's been issued by the CDC. Any actual protocol that a hospital follows -- -- differ. Well certainly they can differ ideally in this circumstance we know how evil is transmitted. The CDC are by far the go to experts on how to do it and there are detailed procedures. The problem is is that they were. Expected to do it without a lot of preparation mean again mr. Duncan just walked into the hospital again he didn't know this is gonna happen and they -- you know caught off guard in a way. And I think that is what some of the things that we're seeing and why this is happening in many ways it was on the job training I mean these are. Texas was not one of the four bio containment. A hospitals that has practiced this over and over you know this was a situation that the Texas hospital found themselves in and then you know they've been doing what. They thought was right and again they probably did take into consideration the CDC. Guidelines step by step and I'm sure they read it very carefully. But it's one thing to read and then another thing to do and implement right away which is what they had to deal -- training in our medical facilities -- -- treatment centers at the same time another question was brought up about. Doctor Friedman's opinion. About issues issuing an overall travel ban. You know I still think that the CDC firmly believes that travel ban is not. The way to protect Americans in the long run it will. Backfire they feel and that we will be making the situation in West Africa worse. And they firmly believe that we know how evil it is transmitted we know how to recognize it. And that we should be comforted in that again this would happen in Texas does not reassure us. But it does reassurance that we don't think it will be a widespread outbreak in the United States to work every now and then maybe we'll see any -- case. But we will stop this it will not spread. Widely from person to person even that we may have a few cases that the message coming up from the CDC's that early detection is obviously crucial and handling this. How then does the onslaught of the flu and cold season affect. Anyone's ability and -- sort of ambition. To recognize the symptoms and actually go in and and get tested. That's correct you know common things are common the flu is common the cold this comment Ebola is not comment. However many of them present in the same way and so -- you're going to see a lot of false alarms just like we've been seeing. Over the weekend on flights and across the country a lot of people who look like they have Ebola. But when -- -- question and look at the history indeed if exam. You realize they don't have evil and are very unlikely to have Ebola. But fever is the body's first often the first mechanism to fight disease. And so it's going to be seen in a lot of people and thankfully the vast majority of those people are not going to have Ebola. Well when you look at these various cases -- here in the United States but around the world. I wanted to ask you day. How than the CDC -- -- responding to the actions of other countries entire actually potentially other hospitals and -- and handling this kind of outbreak. Specifically. There was a nurse in Spain that -- contracted the Ebola Virus the nurse had a dog the dog have been euthanized out of fear fact that it might spread on. Two someone else -- be cared for the animal. -- -- the nurse in Dallas Texas who is just identified by her family. Also has a dog and at this point and as you can see in this picture here. At this point there's been noticing there has not been a decision which euthanize the animal would. Is that even at that point is that it is our question is going to be raised about whether or not that will be changed. -- you know I think there's a lot of discussion already about the dog and the dog I'm sure is an isolation right now. And we don't know that this dog has evil you know we do not think that Ebola is easily transmitted from dogs to humans. But again it's the fear it's the unknown and it's the uncertainty and sometimes that trumps. And I don't think that you know according to what we've heard so far. That they are going to euthanize the dog but it is very important to take the dog having been in contact with the nurse very seriously. And it doesn't mean that we need to euthanize a dog by any means but we should be very mindful of what that dog you know who he has -- -- contact with -- -- And and last before what your doctor I don't knock -- wanted to ask you about this and another we do this often times in these reports as far as understand is the basics of of -- -- but I think it's in. Incredibly important to understand that. Not to create fear and panic but obviously to create awareness for the situation the basis for -- both though for -- or both for being treated for bullet. You are not contagious until you start exhibiting symptoms correct. That is correct so you are not contagious until you have fever and then after that symptoms of Ebola. It is that window period before you develop fever that you know we hopefully we'll find people right at that first start right when they're developing a fever. Doctor mark -- -- -- -- -- information for today doctor -- thank you so much appreciate your time is always in here and of course you can keep up with the sort real time. By downloading ABC news App Store in the story for exclusive updates on the go. For now again that's -- New York.

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{"duration":"7:13","description":"Family members confirm I.D. of first person to contract Ebola in U.S. to ABC News affiliate WFAA.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"26162553","title":"Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola Identified As Nina Pham ","url":"/Health/video/dallas-nurse-infected-ebola-identified-nina-pham-26162553"}