Deaf Boy's Life-Changing Surgery in Limbo

The Rubin family's insurance plan won't cover 5-year-old Carson's $250,000 implant surgery.
1:22 | 01/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deaf Boy's Life-Changing Surgery in Limbo
-- banks are not fight year old Carson -- is legally deaf and hearing. Aides are of no help as a parent it's it just trend is our hearts because we're like. Now. We've got so we got to find a solution and there is a solution according to his doctors cold killer in plants and that's the only choice at this point for him to have a wife appearing in Austin Dillon read and write and then learn. And be safe and have friends and -- kid. But the -- insurance company Coventry Health -- in Georgia denied coverage for the surgery. And it costs about 250000. Dollars for both of his years out of pocket. We pay for insurance we have coverage and -- expecting that the things that you need will be covered and and I -- Coventry -- a spokesperson explained to me that they are not aware of any small group plan that covers this type of surgery. And we've done hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of implants and never had. -- surgery tonight. Theatrics ideology as -- Sandberg with the Atlanta speech school disagrees. From -- adding even Georgia's Medicaid is required to -- it is -- changing surgery we've tried. -- -- -- Lots and lots of different it remains an area but the -- say this steep hill is something they just can't afford I want and ruining entire world.

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{"id":18343772,"title":"Deaf Boy's Life-Changing Surgery in Limbo","duration":"1:22","description":"The Rubin family's insurance plan won't cover 5-year-old Carson's $250,000 implant surgery.","url":"/Health/video/deaf-boys-life-changing-surgery-in-limbo-18343772","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}