Dealing with depression during the pandemic

ABC News’ Will Carr takes a look at the mental health toll and ways to alleviate depression and prevent suicide.
6:53 | 05/13/20

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Transcript for Dealing with depression during the pandemic
May is mental health month and we are continuing our series looking at issues it. Be in the forefront as the fight for our physical health is taking center stage but. As many people face extreme circumstances including traumatic experiences depression and suicide have come into sharp focus president trump reference the issue last week while talking about reopening. You know. Did they help people ideologue with the shut down that they're gonna lose people that way do you already have a killer but between drug abuse and I mean they say suicide a lot of hip but bag. There's no win. Currently there is no documented epidemic of suicide but there is great concern among mental health professionals about the overall effects of the pandemic or will car has more on the struggles many Americans are facing right now. And what can be done to help. Across the country millions are struggling with the more new reality thing. I think you re in the reality of what I mean its name. Pat and being an uncertainty and yeah gala dinner and I think it's really hard to hold poorer and continued period of time. The hardest challenge and one of the first and kind of waves that impacted my mental hall who has just that homesickness. Merck and released audio McCain gains exceeding drug and its residents and does. Her any I'm room. Any idea that you're Norris and or is there and do happen. Denny's case thousand Martin's. Read any moment I can be holding a rotation lower reading them and you know does and needs just the way either offspring. So and so ads and Irving enzymes. Jamal green witness 9/11 he decided to change Greer several times he just graduated from nursing school and started helping code in nineteen patience on his first day on the job. I a blind eye cells and breaks. And relax maybe take a nap and I can't. And even when I come home I'm Morgan tonight should end yeah I find it very hard because. The Asians and I've seen. Almond in dire distress and also. I am hoping that I don't bring this home to my my life and my child and what happens at one it was it's sick what happens it does its. News it'd take care or child. Last month the Florida brain who was on the front lines as the chair of the emergency medicine department at New York Presbyterian Hospital took her own life. Fears we were gonna steal a lot of post traumatic stress disorder that there are many doctors season doctors. Who see more deaths in the last month that exceeded their entire careers. And that's started. It could total mental health America a nonprofit says nearly 40000 people come to them with anxiety and depression directly linked to the pandemic. In our he rule screening for depression we had more than 7000 people. Telus is they regularly are having thoughts of self harmed or suicide and asked. Twice as many as he would get in a normal long. And in her younger groups are generally at least affected when it comes to their physical. Health experts say that's not what they're saying when it comes to mental health we've seen on an inverse relationship. Between the occasional person and how deeply this is of decking their anxiety depression and in other words the younger people familiar a lot more and the older you learn. Paulson the national disaster distress helped plot had slightly according to doctor John Draper this. Big boulder to sing us yeah hopefuls who doubles. All lucas'. But it is that voters really miss a lot of smaller rocks through a laundry children's is just focus on Wednesday. This is achievable you can interest in that moment here do you whole folder you can't tunes rock. After suvs she's due that you trust Ingram who's under pressure can begin to feel like you're more in control. A few months I bullies are beyond you're working. Alone are available in my seen. Most. Right now the seven months they know I'm being closed. House made her only children. Breeding com. Ago and this is my. That's why it had space a popular meditation that teamed up with hospitals in the cities of new York and Los Angeles to offer free guided meditations. We school cross will be signed he. And that's. Fight misleading mini mental health experts concerned about how long this anxiety and close to the dangers of our communities. We're gonna have a one in Dunwoody look no problems yeah health problems. They're seeking in right now and you gonna keep building over a period of weeks and months to com. As this relief increases and has many engine problems in its earnings. Things change and a little bit every day but not alone. So make sure you get a lot of times and focusing on activities. And a whole lot of time taking in all this information which is still was a lot of speculation. And will Carr joins us now live will really important story to tell so many of us in. Had our worlds turned upside down recently but it's also important to note. Depression is not just sadness it's the diseases and curious to ask you after talking with experts in the field what do they say is making things most of them hold right now and what are some of the things that they say can be done to help. While Lindsay you heard any from head space day there that this is complicated they say that one of the biggest things that people are dealing with is just being alone being isolated right now millions of people across the country are cut off from their friends their families. And their jobs are also worried about underlying issues that people have if they had before like drinking or using drugs and some of the things you can do to combat this obviously are you go get some exercise he needs get to do in your apartment Carter house you can meditate like you saw in the piece and one doctor. Pointed out something really important that I thought he mentioned that there's a bit of a stick my with that word the term social distancing and that we need more physical distancing six feet or more but being social exactly what we do an Easter you can. Call somebody you can get on a video chat and even if you don't need that right now you can guarantee. That somebody else does. Right physical distancing not social distancing will car thanks so much for that tonight and a reminder to please if you or someone you know is thinking about harming themselves please come a national suicide lifeline for help. Right now. And known that you are not alone.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"ABC News’ Will Carr takes a look at the mental health toll and ways to alleviate depression and prevent suicide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"70649914","title":"Dealing with depression during the pandemic","url":"/Health/video/dealing-depression-pandemic-70649914"}