Doctors Remove 3-Pound Tumor From Infant

Baby Leighton Sanders has undergone six surgeries in which several organs have been removed.
1:45 | 05/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Doctors Remove 3-Pound Tumor From Infant
And me Tom Myers you're breaking my entire right now. Keenan Sanders says her first baby was a breeze. Her daughter late in his first weeks have been heartbreaking. She has 2000 -- and she's -- and two bags of nutrition. This Kirkland couple -- their babies bloated belly was gassed but discovered it -- a fast growing tumor the size of a cantaloupe. They had attached itself detail. Almost every organ on her and her body latent undergone six surgeries this past week doctors at children's have removed the -- tumor. Intestines bowels gall -- part of her pancreas colon and stomach. It's too much for her parents to take in all it wants. On community moving entirely man made for -- -- get there we'll cry and -- crises arise -- silent to sound Kerry conceded honor pace and it's just this change is. The Sanders are holding vigil -- -- -- -- in icu knowing she needs to get healthier. And overcome obstacles before they can talk transplants and reconstruction that's how long battle ago. -- -- Some of the family's fears have been softened by an outpouring of community support. A friend surprised them by setting up a -- -- to -- campaign to help with household expenses it's reached more than thirteen grant. The real cover has come in. Fact that these people not care about -- are so much the money gives them one less thing to worry about while -- baby. Fights for her life she's just fighters use. She's she's she's trying to pull -- and pollsters question again in Seattle police Jaffe Kumble for news.

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{"id":23625176,"title":"Doctors Remove 3-Pound Tumor From Infant","duration":"1:45","description":"Baby Leighton Sanders has undergone six surgeries in which several organs have been removed.","url":"/Health/video/doctors-remove-3-pound-tumor-infant-23625176","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}