2nd U.S. Missionary Infected with Ebola Arrives in Georgia

Nancy Writebol’s plane lands in the United States after a long trip from Liberia.
9:52 | 08/05/14

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Transcript for 2nd U.S. Missionary Infected with Ebola Arrives in Georgia
This is American missionary nurse Nancy right bull riding at Georgia's dobbins air reserve base. Her long journey from West Africa where she was attracted. With the Ebola Virus almost over now next and final stop the Emory University hospital's infectious disease unit. Hello I'm Michelle Franzen here in New York rifle is the second American medical missionary. -- often deadly virus she was in Liberia working alongside doctor Kent Bradley who was who was already arrived in Atlanta. When she was first exposed. Beard joins now from Atlanta by -- -- deter ski -- on a long journey for Nancy. Rightful she's landed how -- she traveled the approximately twenty miles southeast from dobbins at Emory university hospital. At a specially equipped ambulance and we got to look inside that ambulance and talk to some of the paramedics that trained for years. To transport these infectious patients and they they made clear the full Hazmat suit. There -- special liners in -- inside the day of the ambulance and wanted to contain all the bodily fluid. If you can in the fluid you effectively contained beat -- and so Michel the authorities say they are taking every precaution as they bring -- second. American of -- the patient here to the hospital behind me and we're also joined by ABC news chief health. The medical editor. Doctor Richard -- give us an idea of what that critical. Moments here are between the transport and when she arrives. Well everyone's going to be looking to see the -- she moved -- she had -- look. On Saturday when doctor Brantley arrived there was this this feeling of of joy and surprise. When he stepped out of that ambulance he was able to walk after hearing that he was quite ill. In Liberia he was able to walk and people are gonna wanna see. Who with the with the with visit ms. right -- is she able to to get herself out of that ambulances well and and into the isolation room and Emory university hospital that that will give a sign in terms of her her physical condition. Give us an update on her condition of what we know. -- are traveling here in the reports would have been very positive what what we last heard about her when she was in Liberia. Was that that she was feeling somewhat better her appetite had -- had returned. And her husband said she requested her favorite dish -- a type of liberian chicken. That's a really good sign because patients who were very ill with with a bola. I will be having a lot of vomiting they'll be they will lose their appetite they often have I have great difficulty maintaining their nutrition. Aaron back to you on the ground there is -- any other concern down there in the local. Media with citizens and that and -- our medical workers about another Ebola case being shuttled. To the city for -- You know I think Michelle there's a little bit of concern in some of the wider public but. We've often been reminded that just down the block as the Centers for Disease Control the doctor investor knows so well and there are. Deadly agents stored there and there are agents that are probably more easily transmitted -- Ebola that are stored there on a regular basis and so. People here think this may just be one more thing and certainly the -- here at Emory University. Wanted to be part of this we're told some of the nurses even gave up a vacation in Cancun. So they could be part of the care -- this is supportive care with no known cure the best thing the doctors here can do is focus on vital signs blood pressure and -- To make sure that the body is as strong as possible to fight this infection naturally. And what are you hearing -- -- the latest from officials there at Emory about the timeframe. For the two patients any idea how long they're expected. To be an isolation and then recovery after that. It all depends on on how they do and it seems as if the acute symptoms are far behind them -- get the reports are to be. Believed -- and we don't have a full -- on just how well they may or may not be doing but after taking this experimental drug which. May or may not be responsible for that the state of their condition now. They they seem to be improving but they're gonna be monitored for a long time and and doctors here know that may have to take every precaution in part because of that. Public concern that you mentioned but in part because this is all brand new piece of the first few patients ever with a bullet to be treated at an American hospital. And doctor faster let's talk about who will be in charge of the care at this point is that the missionary group -- CDC. Or that a collaboration. Of doctors. Assigned to her case. Yeah I mean at this point her care will be managed by the doctors -- at Emory university and I I had a chance over the past few days. To to visit with them they'll be getting advice from experts in in in the if bola. But -- was was right these are the first to patients ever with a -- in this country they're going to be monitored very very closely. And as he described your -- -- to be contagious during that early part of the disease when your acute symptoms resolve. That's -- in Africa patients returned to their their homes and they've not seen transmission. From those patients to people in their homes but I would expect. That these patients will be monitored and tested very very closely to see how long they can recover any. Of the active -- a virus before their their are released back into the community. I mean clearly medical experts are trying to learn more about the Ebola Virus let's talk a little bit about that experimental anti serum both. Doctor Brantley and rightful have been treated with that they continue with their recovery at what point if -- all will doctors be able to say. -- this work. -- I -- from these two individuals are not going to be heavily into that question in order to do that. You need to do what's called a controlled trial where you give a certain half of the patients -- the experimental drug -- half do not receive that. I'm very skeptical that their response has been due to this drug and and here's why. This drug contains. Three factors that are targeting able -- these are three different types of -- -- bodies. They were developed -- in a mouse they've been tested in in that monkeys. But in that experiment they were given to monkeys who'd been infected with the virus but had no symptoms they were not sick at all. In this setting and and that's where in a bodies tend to be most effective -- for someone has has signs of an illness. In the in this situation they gave them to two people. Who were who were still quite ill. They had many signs of the bowl and the initial description was in twenty minutes doctor Bradley was feeling better. Well antibodies don't work that way and so. I think that their bodies were recovering from this I think the drug. Should be studied in a controlled way. Because sometimes is something that looks good. When given to a couple patience when it's studied in in more controlled fashion. In a more form formal fashion it turns out that that it's not beneficial and some drugs are actually harmful. How concerned should people be in Atlanta medical. Citizens. Medical personnel citizens that the -- -- has come to the US in these isolated cases. I mean I've been doing a lot of FaceBook chats I've been moved to -- talking a lot of people in the community and and people are are frightened. I I hope the more that they learn the more -- will -- realize the extent to precautions that have been have been taken not just in transporting them here. But -- in in every aspect of their management and Emery Emery is one of four institutions in the US that has ordered the special containment units. All of the waste from these patients will be incinerated so it doesn't come back into the community. The precautions are being taken so that these people can receive. The best care available improving their chances of survival while not putting -- community at risk. And Aaron back on the ground there what are you hearing now that that plane landed. What sort of time frame are we look -- to transport the latest news. No it's not a far right from dobbins air force base. Here to Emory university hospital but unlike when doctor -- Brantley was transported on a Saturday. This is a work day so the traffic could be a little bit worse and it pattern holds -- not going to be going lights and sirens it's going to be stopping. At the traffic lights and observing all of the normal. Traffic -- and so it could take. I'm a little while there's a pretty big crowd out here anticipating -- arrival we see more police than we saw here on Saturday that have been blocking off certain entrances to the hospital. But if you imagine this ambulance riding along even the driver is in a protective suit. And there is a bit of a convoy involved here -- protective detail that accompanied the ambulance. This is being -- would be protective covers the paramedics have been training for just this kind of transport. Very similar to how she was flown here aboard a special. Plane an air ambulance that was a protective pod inside the doctor investor knows about from his days of the CDC when he signed off. On on building this special -- to transport justification. Like this it. Lou one of the call sign -- surge when he won stopped in Maine to clear customs and then landed just a short time ago. ABC caricatures in doctor Richard -- they're tracking this story thank you both so much for joining us. And more from Atlanta and the coming hours as the American nurse infected with people out working in Liberia arrives at Atlanta's Emory. University hospital we'll have that life for you in the next hour. You -- of course keep up with this story in real time. By downloading the ABC news Athens starting this story. For exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Michelle Franzen and New York.

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{"duration":"9:52","description":"Nancy Writebol’s plane lands in the United States after a long trip from Liberia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"24849440","title":"2nd U.S. Missionary Infected with Ebola Arrives in Georgia","url":"/Health/video/ebola-crisis-nancy-writebol-2nd-us-missionary-infected-24849440"}