Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor Gets Service Dog

Labradoodle named Belle is trained to help Aimee Copeland with her medication and to retrieve things.
1:19 | 07/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor Gets Service Dog
They just not for the first time this weekend but Amy Copeland and her new service dog fell are already best in science and the black -- in -- -- says -- is when you're all. And yeah and loving and excited to have a new -- in and that -- -- Copeland who lost her hands and leg and foot to a rare flesh eating bacteria after a homemade zip lining accident. Has -- do we learn to walk and care for herself. She's done amazingly well -- says her new four legged friend will make her new life much better things are gonna get so much more smoothly can she can pick things up off the ground where she can retrieve objects that are -- -- I can reach. In addition to picking up objects bell can retrieve food -- light switches and even dispense medication -- she's actually able to know. Winds could bring my medications -- shall bring it to me on time so her biological clock is just that good -- when she could go from. Eight point eight crystal -- gala is the owner of Florida based nonprofit psychiatric service dog academy and registry. She trained ballot is now partnering with a need to connect service animals with people -- -- we're trying to help people. Trying to help people learn how to do this properly so that we can help more people it's is such an amazing -- that's a great organization that I'm just so thrilled to be part.

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{"id":19547159,"title":"Flesh-Eating Bacteria Survivor Gets Service Dog","duration":"1:19","description":"Labradoodle named Belle is trained to help Aimee Copeland with her medication and to retrieve things.","url":"/Health/video/flesh-eating-bacteria-survivor-service-dog-19547159","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}