Chikungunya Virus Suspected in Georgia Woman

Ashley Manning began feeling painful symptoms after returning from a mission trip to Haiti.
1:32 | 06/17/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chikungunya Virus Suspected in Georgia Woman
Actually Manning got shots to fight malaria before she went to Haiti on a mission trip and early June. She heard of an outbreak of an incurable virus in the Caribbean but wasn't too worried a -- in just moments. The cedar county honest and hope we don't get. But Ashley and another mission volunteer did get -- -- -- became painfully apparent. Days after arriving home to north Georgia and my joints or hurting really bad I was like getting nearly out of breath -- Having a -- it got so bad that you stick in here to northeast Georgia medical center last Wednesday where an infection specialist examined her. News is all class times and communion temperature -- -- highest. It's really -- -- just kind of out of their doctors still lastly there is no cure for chicken -- -- -- -- the virus she was infected -- they can only treat her symptoms. She said she was walking on crutches for the better part of a week before she could walk without support. But she still has rashes and that pain in her joints is flaring up. Big right now -- -- -- -- -- Ashley told me despite her suffering she feels even worse for those infected in Haiti and elsewhere where there's little medical attention. Is. Really rough and I can only imagine when it was like what it's like to than people in. The Caribbean. Haiti are suffering that are now not any kind of medication.

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{"id":24172549,"title":"Chikungunya Virus Suspected in Georgia Woman","duration":"1:32","description":"Ashley Manning began feeling painful symptoms after returning from a mission trip to Haiti.","url":"/Health/video/chikungunya-virus-suspected-in-georgia-woman-24172549","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}