Inside the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo

ABC News' LaJon Daniels gives us an inside look at the 2nd Annual Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo.
23:32 | 06/16/16

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Transcript for Inside the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo
I am was on Daniels from And I'm here at the candidates. Expo here in New York City. And we'll talk to a couple of people asking people on Christmas I'll let you speak to her in his district abilities leave them and G three who -- and create as much solace livid about her business he's the CEO and co-founder of this company which is that data tracking. Service for candidates businesses IQ just so it's a loaded about them. Absolutely we are hateful business solution provider or can't operators and also haven't eaten. And it's not where where and heartland. Nice nice so now since. You've been you've been a founder of this and you've been like a veteran in the game you've been in this. Due process it was legal it's when he ten and Colorado believe. Yes that's correct I actually invested in one of the very first candidates businesses and color Adam. And as the honor with an IT company they asked me to pick which software used to run their business. And that's when I went to my now that this partner who had a web development firm in The Hague. These guys really beaten software that's. Specific for their needs and what they need to run but. Cool cool so like. To somebody like how has the how and in the east several years Todd the business seems technology has changed since he started to where it's at right now. I think actually speaking about the future candidates technology tomorrow morning here at the conference. And is seen just rapid expansion grad candidates in cultivated for hundreds of thousands of years but it really. Came into the technological back to you. Right there's. It hasn't contract there's been no technology adapted pored over the years. And so it's been an incredibly rapid evolution and development over the past five or six years to get it to where it is today and the future is. Can be anything. Romney's in the future trillion knees in guys. The home. On wall politicking he tussle they were kind of advice would you give to any kind of maybe because we're here in New York City. Where medical marijuana is just about legal. That definitely decriminalized but. What kind of advice would you say technology wise to give to any new Kennedy's businesses that are kind of starting up in the country. It's all about our lack negatives and that he doesn't and what you need is you need. Technologies of the agents to track your business distract your are alive and vehicle pay the mom and pop did her honor. They're dad and what is happening is sophistication. And it's. Evolution technological sophistication. And you've got its start spending real money on techno much. Technological at least. But so is about money that could. To make money at Angel that it. Down 6% 6% total revenue should be spent on a wheel technology isn't it. Saga segregated basic there are right they think you Celestica CEO of another company pull hemp oil. On this going to actually talk about its products and how it's been picked up by a a group advocates called Hannah mom means let's talk about his company. And yet on stilts is so where is trying to pull amount of problem market he tells live about the company's. Make them Stewart tennis and the presidency you know medical marijuana incorporated. And there had net sales of business here at the end javits 170. Nice nice. Keep you Tulsa but products that Jewish exodus is our flagship product the real scientific and oils that are hates mormons they liquid form. These forms one that actually legalize themselves first. Campus police arrived in Brazil April 2 four team. News situation mothers helping mothers and that's certainly we're thrilled to have this product you be imported legally in the Brazil. And that's unsuccessful Latvia government has allowed this four numbered. Nations and they didn't pay for this products it was a prescription medication. While that's amazing answer. Satan S that's kind of been really happening in the news like recently now recently guests are RC QX product that would that he sees them Latvian born in Mexico. As of February 1 here's that were now it was serving large market consumers in Latin America. Anderson in that this would also be the first Kansas based product qualified. For the world anti doping standards incentives to be legal for the Olympic athletes to you instantly and he'll do that. Here many drug. Situation. It is amazingly exciting. And he goes yeah legal T eight C legal hemp oil right here illegal and legal grades that have oil right here that's amazing. It to just on the other big Hollywood did lead idea to start this company. Well let that the company was started back in 2009. And a new group came in march of 2011 bought and and they've been working with farmers suffering year to develop a high concentrations CB deeds within the hemp crop. And 2011. We got our first a harvest that ball. And first you to soothe the products on the market place here in the US back in 2012. So we really develop this whole CBD industry if you will and it's been a great successes since then we've seen some tremendous. Results of benefits certainly want the indications in Brazil as for chronic pain. For this particular medication. And certainly it's something that you look at the hope VOA epidemic in the US and all the rest really think that campus has a wonderful place. Certainly no one's ever goes over those from me. Natural botanical. Marijuana or him products. I think in terms that there's some very interesting things coming down on the road research for the chronic pain market. All right you're here right here at ABC news that I come I think this is an amazing product. And congratulations I was good luck in I know endeavors. Well thank you very kind will accord being backed and it here first reporting on additional updates. Most recently we've been able to legalize their product within the country apparent way. So as these Latin American countries that come along and many families start to petition the government to allow product and for their. Ill children I think we'll really see this accidentally. Improving. People's quality of life but be able to access. These products all throughout Latin America by this time next year. Let me ask them into doing unity great strides out of Latin America and our way we think about America at the DC eighty policy teams like on the horizon here in America. Well we're certainly excited because that we have point five states now with the legal in this laws on their books and interestingly enough to reach the states of Pennsylvania has eighteen medical indications. Ohio has 21 indicate and so I think that. Bodes very well for future research and the potential application of very very far reaching for the benefits of this campus. Thing. All right well thank you very much so I'm very glad to speak to frequently. It is an out and I snow and we are going to dispute did you taste of what's in Nell here is presenting at the candidates expo and you splits us which a product that is. I guess a byproduct of the DR box later and what it does is it takes you from plants and medicine and one step. And so it makes and each patient an expert. And making candidates Madison so when you place your butt and I am impressed that and when it comes out it's immediately at a Horton. It's again and your time. You can make a topical with that and really what does that give that power back to the case. I like will be pretty good idea to treat this. So I think Canada's medicine for fifteen years now. And I have an ovarian says that they wanted to give me Tylenol and other things that I we're gonna hurt my liver. And I decided doesn't make my own medicine and I was a little I'm an attorney. I think CCC see these two guys who lost no blood for the ago. I I was getting this deal right around developing dialogue steals a lot and saw as making Madison for fifteen years I thought I was doing a really good job. And then acts of Imus in the lab and realized actually that I could have been doing a lot better. And went and tested all those other methods that people are doing trying to make brownies and up and it really. All of those methods are unscientific and their leading people to waste Mattison and people have no idea what's in their medicine when it comes out. And our weakness in the races that aren't candidates if you can't even know what the doses. And so I decided then I was gonna develop something that made it's so easy for any case and in some cases didn't have to necessarily rely on the dispensary that they make their own medicine. So what this device that patience is to Madison. Please inside this anti. They're the experiment on in street. About Clinton and sly and the and on the side and what does that performs this one's an approximately. That the scientific term dig in deep deep are obsolete says okay Paula DR for sort of neglect that isn't that the process that activates the compounds and candidates. And makes it a mess and so this reforms that process precisely. That act it's about doing anything so when it comes out at Stillman. He he. While a lot of moms now that are losing candidates and that's and it's taking a little bit like pepper and sprinkling and Apple's there are other. Others have baby don't seeds and using it and getting way more for their money that they would be using other. It sounds elected without awesome in this is on the market right now. Right so he had been working on this for three years now working on the patent work. And we just went to market in January and sold out of our early adopters units and now we're moving into full scale production. All right that's Andre what congratulations to you and I'll be looking for tickets us Nimitz again. Yes so you can find it is the list the current fox later and it's at Arden herbal doctor Thomas. A RD ENT Airpwn. Thank you so much we here at the candidate expo here in New York City at the ticket data center and could you tell us about you're. Product our message. My name's Matthew mills on the chief operating officer and founder of medics seen. Were the first company. Out here in the sector to actually get regulation Z plus crowd funding positioning. With the SEC infant room. Giving a sequel to get out there and raise capital. And we developed article need to Cyprus and a wistful patient audience pesticide that's on the approval listen Colorado organ Washington. On. Registered it with 39 states and were also the founders of the marijuana times and develop the marijuana talent and need a platform. You very unique to the sector obviously a lot of the players in the sector yet because that would license the problem. On however were ordered out in the light and got something very unique with over a million sessions in the last thirty days on a web site from 900000 viewers. Really would make a difference it wouldn't make a difference to the sector. We're gonna make a difference we're gonna bring this out the polite really get everybody into the sector the guys that are doing the right way and we're gonna. Records popped like them and ones we're gonna meet the sector what it needs to be need to. To allow this sector to grow in the police work should grow. We're hoping for Scott changed here. You don't know who our next president going to be hopefully it's gonna happen in the next. You know eight years old currencies issues that we can actually get out there and take this medicine where it needs to go because that's really what we're about medics and. I so audience so it do you think that it's one of the biggest challenges that marijuana has looked at that's an illicit drug event where that went in the me. You know it is very much as looked out label when you go west when you get into California when you get in Colorado when you get into. Organ in Washington these western states. You start to realize that it's really not that way anymore it's starting it's really start to do things the right whale on the West Coast. It's gonna happen here in the east at that time. Like anything else is its brokers and units in an alcoholics. You know what. Except we feel in my CEOs of positions up. We feel good that candidates or marijuana is much safer than alcohol. It mean there's there's no question it's been proven over and over again and now it's time for the bed to step up. And take this to level where we start. Leaking this to that we needed. Mean the difference that we've seen as a group work group investors keep together starts company we've seen it happen verse. Right problem lies watching these actions that are suffering. It completely changed the focus completely changed were somebody who's not out Natalie what's would sit in the corner not only. The community people. What about communicating and living a life. Walt would be a life that we've seen. This this medicine brain is absolutely unbelievable. And that's our mission has the marijuana times. We are going to make a difference we're here to make a difference not for us for the sector and for the patients for the people that need. Marijuana there there's a need for this and it should be it brought. Yes it should be controlled there's a lot of things about it that need to be done. And that's not being done at this time because it's still considering legal on the federal. It's time for us to make chains and as a group. We're gonna make. Ran like that that's that's an indictment makes a lot of sense. Marijuana times. Here in East Coast you know like with that this this we have this kind of this disparity witnesses this disparity between how we look at how to with both excited you know solicit or. Helpful towards people who need and merit medication. What is something that you think that we can do immediately like in the unit. And in this short term since record your new president that the kind of teams coty some of these. Use here unfortunately there's a lot of tragedies on on America right now there's you know a lot of things that everybody's attention. You know. It's it's all about that and schedule change you know that needs to happen until that happens. We can't be in the position where we would. You know talks the plan just because we're a company that's focused on being a public company can't do that as a public company. People. It needs change now that the federal the the that's the jump in. The and the senate. And they need to make it happen. And take it to a place where this drug can be controlled. And harmonize with the society that an evening let's face it how many people are dying right now today how many people died. From opiates. From like it and and and it's it's crazy amount of people people are not dying from marijuana use. And it's relieving pain and it's relieving stress and it's letting people sleep. And it's giving people old people literacy that is frame of mind be it would help quality of life. This about equality a life. And that's with the marijuana talent stands for and we're really focused that the marijuana times to bring it out of light and let people really recognize horrible lifestyle. But we're we're not focused on lifestyle and all were focused on quality of life. And we have the opportunity to bring that and we're bringing it and I'm really grateful for all the shareholders who got next to us. That have gotten involved in our our our prop funding initiative it's unbelievable how many people. Gathered around us and supported us and out the founder of the company and just. On on the it's almost as shocking off on my while so many people are supporting somebody that getting behind us. They were not even really marketing yet eerie how it almost a million people month. Watching our stories greening our stories it. And understanding the legislative side. Understanding the business side undersea vehicle to decent size. We're not a lifestyle magazine about the business world about what's going on marijuana world to bring it out of the sunlight so everybody can see it. A lot of people little theater. It just helps him. Particular that you so much method Malcolm in the marijuana times are changing. And here we are I mean these are these are immigrant it's better times for people that definitely use this drug. Amenities in thank you so much talk. From Hollywood California. Where per plays properties and we represent the greatest guitars on its head. You go. Here. She is brands. And his Rea funerals all over California. Cheney's man in this. And we got all the products coming. It's awesome represent much others Lamberty. Now. Motor hands let me who passed away so we did motor head Canada's marijuana payroll cigarettes. And those are all over California. We also did. Jeans and Jimmy Smits at least it is recreated. CD the NTC pills attack. All kinds of ailments different things that people have needs Steve answer to PTS the anxiety. Diet penalties we've formulated CD TC reached its so they can get you science. Q hi. And yours you can't refuse you live picture here your partners Slinger for each. Wary of books and Hayden Cheney's man. It's it's. We've worked with cancer patients it's true or cancer that are now. That's out there volume played a lot of you we've been able to actually reads. Win. So these. They're not getting worse but it needs to stop what's happening in screening really get relief for a vehicle. And really proud about everything we're do. You're speaking it intentions and whereabouts you might think this all the difference Liberty's again. Jamie us news. The island house that you a vote today as his roots they weren't listening actually is part of they had this applaud the root root root you and they actually have a product that was at the candidates ordering California. What's coolest things are different. In the westerners and these terrorists as coming from California. You can actually two times of them that stated they had in California just a few months ago. And over 25000. Registered patients could go it and the candidates. Go to a thousand news itself cash oils. Candidates ice cream soda. Chocolates. Karen mills everything you want. And you can purchase it right there as a patient imagine that you keep those you concert. I read like in a farmer's market. I read in a farmer's market and be able to view all of these things where some place like York it's not comprehensible. Anxious how much us as a society. Really needs to learn about candidates and it's not some evil thing it actually helps a lot of people and I think that the celebrity brands that are waiting it out there. Heard heard the easiest ones to get something extreme lines through all the different growers. And all that different people that have licenses are spending millions of dollars. To build factories. Do you all these plants and they don't even think about what Mike and a wallet. When I put it out when a magnitude of 200 types of weeds out there. There's fifty different types and ashes so you're just in name on the board so I didn't get yourself to us now from all that. Celebrity you know I mean because of someone TC Jamie product these devoted and yes two billion fans worldwide. Any team that product and likes it. He's gonna be devoted or she is going to keep buying it and they're gonna look at other products that we're doing and the other key thing is when the big boys get to play. And it gets to its schedules they're gonna comment buyout me. And all the guys in all contracts it hurts cardholders and everything that we built too huge I hope they wanted the world dried. That's out that sounds like agreed a concept and strategy that you got right there. So basically I'm in guided the depth of levity to the big names. And dig going like how has the spots been so far towards I was it was their biggest product this levied because levee product. So are our two biggest things we have right now as we have our purple haze free roll joints. In California that come in a box just like this and as war is perceived as by their sealed joints that equal in any. It comes with the suits you so when you're smoking it. If the announcement that all the way you don't want it to be smiling adults who supported and than you can put it back in your case and it has a collector card. We sell thousands of these and dispensaries all over California. And we also sell or Cheney's medicated and actor rounds. Delicious quality French born mean Mac programs that are in swelled wonderful flavors that we've beamed after song titles. All of our strains in all of our genetics are apt to different song titles purple haze is one thing right now we sunset. A nice little tropical. Orange cream flavor. Foxy lady. And as soon raspberry twists and I donate and we have all these different songs that we haven't. Ginnies. That we kind of honored him by having different strains of different products. That's now that sounds amazing he didn't. And this is not available here in New York. In New York, New York well actually York is now becoming a mental state yet so if the growers in New York in the people who are allowed. You too expensive they wanted to brand like Jimi Hendrix and they'll adapt to his approach purple days and if we needed fielding yet it could be here in New York. Just like the other 25 states have medical or recreational United States we are now pioneering. Getting state by state Colorado California. We're working on or again in the next few months and Washington. State and sorry to move all over the country. All right well there you go that almost two it's two medical marijuana outlet near you picked up a I was nearly company again it's purple he's surprised properties purple haze properties. Now an engineer with them they can solicit it eyewitness supplies on the sun day is here at the candidates X votes he needs 26 seen here in New York City to Baghdad senator. Ambient on there's a lot of interesting amazing kind of products and strategies here to kind of help people that need. Candidates as a medical. Alternative then is. Few lifestyle kind of options here as well but around until I keep looking around see what else is available and enjoy my time is on the Sunday news.

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