'Kings Park': Stories From an American Mental Institution

Documentary revisits shuttered state hospital on New York's Long Island.
3:12 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for 'Kings Park': Stories From an American Mental Institution
I'll never forget this -- This is yeah. Room. It took a year. It was an easy. I finally got permission to go inside. And climb the Steelers 1410. The so called him firemen work. -- I was pleased when I'm seventy. Everybody has a moment your life that they may not want to return to put it. A moment that they need to return to. -- this is mind. This was a ridiculous and not just because some people look -- the very critical. Piece seventeen home. Single female in her first mission to receive institution's long history second pathology. It was a huge huge city and -- these buildings which reached up to this kind of town where you couldn't look for stories filled with patients. This other young patient came to. She said hope. -- dot com. Dell computer. And I stopped. I would love to go -- -- I just can't cool and I can't believe that. I just can't I just can't coworkers. My -- noon it is wrong. -- Here run scams like this one way. I want to be standing here and I want you listeners he's building so they'll be all my anger frustration about -- going I'd love to be an -- frame and get the first black. -- -- -- Look -- What I remember is there were only about seven psychologist told him. Warlike 31000. Cases or something some but I was given this whole building with all of these patients. I was ten. I was kind of I had never had anything to do with psychic -- The greatest thing it into. Jerusalem. Institution. House patients. The bullet problems of the world. And Suffolk county jail. Says it I don't yeah. Here. Punish -- yeah. But the judges hearing Karen. I mean if you knew there was somebody -- -- saying -- lead you know I'll help you do everything. Most people would go right. It's -- going to isolate where that this is my only home. I -- listens to him. A.

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{"id":18008508,"title":"'Kings Park': Stories From an American Mental Institution","duration":"3:12","description":"Documentary revisits shuttered state hospital on New York's Long Island. ","url":"/Health/video/kings-park-stories-american-mental-institution-18008508","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}